The 2018 Broncos Rookie Class

Drafted Rookies

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  • gobroncos

    Why do I have a feeling Bolles and Chubb are going to get into it a few times during training camp?

  • JohnE

    Off to a great start!!!

  • gobroncos

    I don’t understand how we only took one OL (and a 6th rounder at that) and it was our worst unit last year.

    • Yahmule

      They will regret not addressing the offensive line. We’re really not much better than last year and paper thin. They’re banking on health from Veldheer and Leary and improvement from Bolles and McGovern and that’s a lot to go right. Already getting nauseous thinking about the Ram and Chargers games.

      • cjfarls

        Agree… not sure how much value there was there though… I liked our picks through 3 rounds, and wouldn’t want anyone that was available in the 4th-on playing much this year anyway.

        Chubb will probably open up ~5m in salary savings next year we can spend on a FA lineman 😉

  • royalwithcheese

    Call me crazy, but I don’t have a lot of strong feelings about this group. I didn’t much love rounds 6-7 (limited players unlikely to make it), and Freeman wasn’t who I wanted at RB. But I like the WRs and TE. Add them to Chenderson and Butt and you have a youth infusion at the skill positions, which was badly needed.

    Jewel could be a nice LB. And, as I’ve been saying, I hope Chubb proves me wrong.

    • gobroncos

      I don’t mind adding Butt and C Henderson, but those guys were last years draft. They’re a year older and a year away from the game. No muscle memory of the NFL speed of things, no experience at the NFL level. They’re as good as rookies. It’s like a draft pick. Next years are a round earlier in value, but these guys are a round later. They haven’t done squat.

  • cjfarls

    I’m pretty happy with rounds 1-5, even though I may have personally gone a slightly different way for the same positions (e.g. Guice/Gallup over Sutton/Freeman)…. but I’m not a pro scout, so who am I to say.

    Loved the Yiadom pick at the time, but like Yahmule was disappointed when Ian Thomas got snatched up… Nick Nelson/Holliday (LSU)/DJ Reed were other nice CBs we might have grabbed instead later if Yiadom did get to us…. but sometimes that is just how the draft falls, and I really like Yiadom. 4th round was solid, and Fumagalli wasn’t someone I had high, but I suppose was a decent fallback after Thomas was gone.

    Don’t really get the point of trading back for the 6ths and 7th… don’t see a lot of value in those guys compared to the UDFAs we are signing, and another 5th probably would’ve been a player I liked more.

    UDFA class looks solid so far, so those 6th/7th rounders shouldn’t get too comfy…

    I’ll stay with the B+ to A- I was thinking last night.

  • LH Almeida

    Best draft ever. Period.