It’s All Orange, Fat Man: 07/30/16


  • Despite the fact that Michael Bennett has made it very clear to the Seahawks that he wants a better deal and is unhappy with his current contract, he is currently in town according to Ian Rapaport.
  • When Brett Favre was a young player, he was addicted to painkillers in such an unhealthy manner he once took 15 Vicodin in one day. He considers this the lowest moment of his career. (Video of interview)
  • Geno Smith was unhappy about the team resigning Ryan Fitzpatrick to the point where the Jets GM re-iterated that Geno Smith is still in the team’s long-term plans.
  • Patriots OL Jonathan Cooper was carted off yesterday.
  • The Eagles have added Brian Dawkins to their scouting staff.
  • The Raiders have extended their GM Reggie McKenzie through the 2021 draft.
  • The Bears have extended their pass rusher, Willie Young, for another two years.
  • Raiders LB Aldon Smith entered a treatment center yesterday after a periscope video surfaced of him and his girl smoking a joint while he was suspended.
  • Odell Beckham Jr. received some advice on how to acto on and off the field from fellow WR Victor Cruz:

    In his estimation, the advice has been well received.

    “Pretty understanding. I think he understands that this past year since last season has been a little bit of a whirlwind in that regard,” Cruz said. “He wants people to know him for him and how he’s a great player, great person, and how he wants to be perceived. And I think he has really taken charge of that and he’s just got to take it one day at a time.”

    “I think he knows [he’s a target],” Cruz said. “He just has to understand how to combat that, how to talk to [the media], how to talk to people out in the streets, because anything he says is going to be used as a headline.”

    “Just understand that he’s going to be pulled and tugged, just like we all are to do a bunch of things, but he has to be smart and understand that it’s OK to say no sometimes,” said Cruz. “He’s becoming slowly but surely a professional in understanding the rights and wrongs of this game and the rights and wrongs of his craft. I think it’s just going to take more and more repetition and more and more time, day in and day out, to understand what’s good and what’s bad.”

    “Right now, in between these lines, he understands what his job is.”




  • Deandre Hopkins decided to go into the front office, tell the executives to “pay me what I’m worth”, did not elaborate on his feelings any further, and then walked out of Texans camp. Yes, Hopkins is now holding out with two years left on his deal.
  • Jim Turner the current Texas A&M OL coach, who as you may recall was fired for the bullying scandal at Miami, got into trouble yet again as he made some very un-choice comments at a women’s clinic. Keep in mind that there is some humor to what he is saying if he was around friends and family. But, when you are in the presence of other coach’s wives, player’s mothers, coach’s mothers, and donor’s spouses, this is unequivocally wrong and completely irresponsible, inappropriate behavior:

    Among the issues that surfaced at the event were changes to the school’s fight song, which presented lyrics including “We are Aggie women/We are filled with estrogen” and “We are putting down our dish towels/And taking off our gloves.”

    The coaches also gave the women tips on playing football that were filled with sexual double entendres like “No penetration,” “Never bend over,” and “Don’t end up on your back.”


“Great minds think alike.” – Anonymous

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