It’s All Orange, Fat Man: 07/01/16


– LB Rolondo McClain will join Randy Gregory and Demarcus Lawrence in serving suspensions for the Cowboys as he received a 10-game suspension for violating the substance abuse policy. CB Brandon Carr commented that the team has to come together and get stronger after missing a few of their key players.

– The NFL will decide to probe further into the PED investigation despite the NFLPA’s gripe that they need credible evidence to do so.

– Sheldon Richardson of the Jets will miss one game for violating the personal conduct policy.

– If you really want to know what the commissioner made last year, Goddell reeled in $32 million for the year. That is $2 million less than last year.

– After Jim Kelly made comments about the high-pressure cooker that is the NFL, he told media that if Rex Ryan doesn’t make the playoffs he’ll be fired, Rex Ryan disagreed with his take on the situation and when probed further, Jim Kelly says the relationship between him and Rexy is all good.

– Former Southern Utah star and now Detroit Lions S Miles Killebrew aptly has a brew named after him or more specifically, his last name.

– MMQB is celebrating the life of Paul Zimmerman, or Dr. Z, for his great coverage and analytical approach to the game of football.


– Here is the archive for each team’s burning questions going into the season answered by writers per division.

– Todd Archer believes that the Cowboys should move on from Rolando McClain after his latest suspension.

– Jamison Hensley breaks down the fortuitous run Joe Flacco had as the NFL’s highest paid player. Cian Fahey breaks down Joe Flacco’s game film and calls him “truly terrible”.

– Gordon McGuiness asks if Tyrod Taylor is next in line for a big payday. He then pontifictaes the impact of the recent suspensions handed down by the NFL.

– Nathan Jahnke ranks the Top 5 best team friendly contracts for TEs.

– Chase Stuart displays the most aggressive games defenses have played using the Ryan Index.


– Jake Plummer, as you may recall, called Jerry Jones a “billionare asshole” for his comments that it would be absurd to make a link between CTE and Football. Now he regrets calling Jerry Jones that particular name but, still stands behind the substance of the assertion.

– Jeff Legwold states the current dispute between Von Miller and the Broncos is more than just the money.

– The Broncos release 2016 training camp dates and times, the schedule can be found here.


– A school official was suspended after scheduling in DE Ray McDonald, a man who is accused of rape, to talk with kids in the classroom.

– A CFL WR Duron Carter, son of Cris Carter, is making headlines for his unusual celebrations and post-TD antics.

– Former CB Stanley Wilson II declares himself “happy to be alive” after being shot trying to rob a home naked. You may recall that his dad famously missed the Super Bowl after binging on cocaine.

– Former CB CJ Spillman is convicted of sexual assault.

– Unsurprisingly, Johnny Manziel has been suspended for four games for violating, you guessed it, the league’s substance abuse policy.


“All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope.” – Winston Churchill

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