It’s All Orange, Fat Man: 06/25/16


– Rams COO, Kevin Demoff, told media that they have already sold 63,000 season tickets for the upcoming year and are looking to sell 7,000 more and leave the extra 10,000-20,000 tickets available for single-game spectators.

– The Packers recorded a record profit and revenue over their last fiscal year. Their total revenue was a little bit over $408 million.

– The Saints’ camp in West Virginia has closed indefinitely after it was flooded out by the recent heavy rainfall happening in the Eastern part of the US.

– The Rams have cut LB Matthew Wells and WR JJ Worton.

QB Tarvaris Jackson was arrested yesterday after he allegedly pointed a gun at his honey-bun.

– Purdue DT Ra’Zahn Howard will enter the supplemental draft because he will be academically ineligible to play football after this season.

– K Shaun Suisham will probably retire after the Steelers released him due to a failed physical.

– The police turn WR Nelson Agholor’s sexual assault case over to the DA office.

– Darren Rovell says the Canadian Football League is doing very well financially thanks to the TV revenue they are getting.

– The NFL will interview players that were named for their involvement with PEDs in the Al-Jazeera documentary including Peyton Manning.


– As posted yesterday by Bob Morris, Bill Barnwell broke down the worst places to be a sports fan after the Cavs won a championship. San Diego took the cake.

– Rich Cimini asks if the Jets will fear buyer’s remorse after giving DE Muhammad Wilkerson a potentially big deal.

– Mike Renner breaks down why he thinks Seattle is the best at the zone read.

– Cian Fahey breaks down Teddy Bridgewater in the film room.


– The Broncos front office and Von Miller have not talked or discussed a contract extension since early June according to Josina Anderson of ESPN.

– Peyton Manning hopes that his former teammate, Brent Osweiler, has a great year down in Houston.

– David DeChant and Mike Florio leak rumors that Von Miller has been in contact with other teams.


– Paul Manziel, father of Johnny Manziel, says the best place for Johnny would be jail because he “is a druggie” and he wouldn’t be able to stay clean if he was allowed any freedom. In addition, Manziel’s lawyer accidentally texted the Associated Press that he is looking for a plea deal in the assault cases and commented, “Heaven help us if one of the conditions is to pee in a bottle.”

– Once again, the coaching business is all about who you know, not what you know.


“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” – Dr. Suess

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