It’s All Orange, Fat Man: 05/24/16


– If Jimbo Fisher, head coach for Florida State, was ever approached about a coaching job in the NFL, he would consider it.

– DE Dante Fowler felt pretty good in practice today bending around corners and turning, which indicates his ACL is healing well.

– The NFL responded to a congressional report that accused the NFL of trying to influence a section in the report regarding CTE identification by arguing they went through the appropriate channels to get it handled.

– In a group led by Ronnie Lott and former Carolina QB Rodney Peete, they hope to develop a new stadium for the Oakland Raiders.

– The Chargers and the Cardinals have agreed to practice/scrimmage against each other in training camp.

– Jags C Luke Bowanko suffered a hip injury in camp and will undergo surgery to get it repaired. He has been placed on the PUP list. In addition, their seventh-round pick, DE Jonathan Woodard, will undergo surgery to repair his Achilles.

– The Colts have signed their second-rounder, S, TJ Green.

– QB Ryan Fitzpatrick has changed his tone and now wants to come back to the New York Jets.

– LB Jadeveon Clowney says he is 100% healthy and ready to return to practice.

– LB Shaq Thompson of the Carolina Panthers was cited for driving over the centerline in an attempt to pick up his phone and collided with another car. He was not injured but, his passenger QB Anthony Boone, sustained a broken pelvis.

– Hall of Famer, T Ron Mix, admits he tried to cheat on his taxes.


– Mike Tanier goes over some coaching strategies that seem dumb to fans but, in actuality, have a lot of validity to them.

– Nathan Jahnke grades the Rams out at a B- largely due to their drafting of QB Jared Goff.

– Sam Monson states that former first overall pick, LB Jadeveon Clowney, is facing a make or break season.

– Chase Stuart notes that the current dominance of the Warriors, Spurs, and Cavaliers this year is very similar to the top-heavy 2007 NFL season.


– The Broncos do not expect QB Mark Sanchez to be on the field for the start of OTAs. LB Von Miller is also playing hookey from OTAs to have fun in Hogwarts and Las Vegas while he and the Broncos work on a long-term deal.

– Troy Renck presents his five questions for the Broncos as they head into OTAs.

– Andrew Mason has his seven things to watch for during Broncos OTAs this week.

Sing the Praises / Show Me The Money

– Mike Florio notes that there is an unusual amount of praising going on between the Texans.

– S Tyrann Mathieu tells the Cardinals that he wants to get paid as a top defender in the league. This was the conversation that took place in between him and his agent.


“Positivity is the main ingredient behind an iron-clad will.” – Anonymous

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