It’s All Orange, Fat Man: 05/18/16


– Like all competitive players, QB Carson Palmer is “addicted” to the challenge of winning the Super Bowl.

– QB Carson Wentz met QB Sam Bradford and they talked some football while they were together.

– LB James Harrison decided to record the league’s drug-testing process while he was getting tested. After he recorded some kind-of disturbing things, he contacted DeMaurice Smith, head of the NFLPA, and he instructed him to contact an attorney immediately.

DT Dominique Easley will sign with the Rams.

– QB Andrew Luck believes he has an obligation to keep himself healthy next season.

– The Competition Committee has taken the Raven’s replay proposal very seriously as they will present a scaled-down version of the Raven’s idea next week. The proposal? To make a list of non-reviewable plays instead of a list of reviewable plays.

– QB Blaine Gabbert, The Real American QB, is never going to shy away from competition and welcomes his opportunity to start for the 49ers.

– WR Dez Bryant has shown nothing but energy and enthusiasm at practice even though he is recovering from bone graft surgery.

– The Generals cut WR Andre Roberts.

– The Bengals sign S Shawn Williams to a four-year extension.

– QB Sam Bradford practiced with the first team and addressed the recent trade request.

– The NFL hired Jon Runyan to discipline on-field infractions.


– Here is Bill Barnwell’s off-season report card for the NFC South.

– Bill Belichick sees a strong trend forming in the NFL with defensive players who can play more than one position.

– Sam Monson gives the Cowboys a C+ for their “quiet” offseason, Thomas Maney gives the Eagles a B+ for their free agency moves, and Nathan Jahnke gives the Giants a B for their off-season.

– Bryan Frye ranks the #2 finisher in stat categories, or “Bridesmaid statistics”.

– Andrew Healy breaks down the AFC West and analyzes remaining holes in each team’s roster while discussing the most prominent UDFA signings each team has made.


K Jason Elam, LB Simon Fletcher, and S John Lynch were all elected to the Broncos Ring of Fame.

– TE Virgil Green is trying to secure a bigger role in the Broncos offense.

– There is a Peyton Manning themed beer, “Oatmaha”, that is set to release in its canned form in Denver.


– Tim Kawakami of the Mercury News (San Jose) once made a “who pays for dinner” bet with Jed York that he wouldn’t open the stadium in time. Kawakami went to dinner with York to pay for his dinner but, York ate like a champ and the total dinner bill reached to $2,100. Kawakami had to pay for all of it. When the media brought up the situation to York, he responded politically, “The bet took place two years ago and Tim has never shared his concerns about the dinner with me. I am happy to speak with Tim one-on-one so we can all move forward.”

– DE Michael Bennett rips QB Sam Bradford for holding out for a new contract while also having contract issues of his own.

– QB Cam Newton didn’t get the memo sent to him during his rookie convention: Don’t spend your money on ridiculously stupid things like a ’72 gold-plated customized Oldsmobile Cutlass. Even though it is a really cool car. And quite the head turner. Now I want one.


“Wake up with determination, go to bed with satisfaction.” – Anonymous

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