It’s All Orange, Fat Man: 05/05/16


– The Rams will try out WR Duke Williams, a talented athlete who was kicked off Auburn last year.

– QB Russell Wilson wants the NBA to return to Seattle.

– George Fant, a former basketball player at Western Kentucky, will get his shot in the NFL with the Seattle Seahawks.

– WR Nelson Agholor, first round pick from the Eagles in 2015, says he needs to prove he can help the team win after a disappointing season for all Eagles players.

S Keanu Neal and the Atlanta Falcons have agreed to terms following the draft. The Colts and C Ryan Kelly have also agreed to terms.

– GM Dave Caldwell of the Jacksonville Jaguars told PFT that LB Myles Jack is “full go”.

– QB Johnny Manziel has turned himself in and posted a $1,500 bond.

–  Hue Jackson proclaims the RBs he is coaching at Cleveland are the best he’s ever seen.

Mark Davis is serious about the potential Las Vegas move. Which still does not make sense to me for the life of me considering the NFL would never take the risk of moving one of their franchises that close to the gambling circuit. What would make more sense, is if Mark knows the NFL doesn’t want him to go to Las Vegas. Mark maybe knows this and is trying to get the NFL to block his move. Which then he’ll take to court and get them on some trumped up charges in order to either A. use the money he gets from suing the NFL in order to pay his now jacked up lease at the only professional football/baseball pop can or B. Force the NFL to get him a new stadium in Oakland. Either way, he gets the result he wants.

– RB Adrian Peterson is donating $100K to flood relief down in Texas.

– The Titans have hired Ryan Cowden as Director of Player Personnel.


– Matt Bowen gives some insight as how players mess up with their money coming out of college.

– Chase Stuart presents a study that was done over at 538 which found the Ohio State draft class was the best a college program ever had in 70 years.

– John Breitenbach explains how the Jaguars improved defense will make them competitors in the AFC South.


– LB Von Miller declares he will be a Bronco for life.

– According to Legwold, if hope leads to money, Von Miller will get his deal squared away.


– QB RGIII surprised a high school team by posing as a mannequin.

QB Cardale Jones thought the phone call he received from the Bills on draft day was a prank. But then quickly thought otherwise.


“The best way to learn is to just do it.” – Anonymous

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