Thin Air’s Operations During The 2016 NFL Draft

With the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft only two days away, it’s time to give a heads up on a few things that will be going on.

  • On Thursday morning, I will likely start an open thread for the draft in general, in which we can comment on all aspects for the entire weekend, Broncos-involved or not.
  • If the Broncos select in the first round on Thursday, I will start a thread dedicated to this player in which we can collect data and discuss his prospects going forward.
  • I will be unable to watch the draft on Friday, as I’ll be attending an important fundraiser for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Ada County.  (On that note, if you’re looking to make a charitable donation somewhere, in either money or time, getting in contact with your local Boys & Girls Club is highly recommended.  David Bruton would approve.)
  • Therefore, I will be asking for another member of the community to start a thread for each player the Broncos select in the second and third rounds.  For the sake of uniformity, I will ask that whoever volunteers uses the following format for the thread title: [pick]: [player name], [position], [college].  As an example from my mock draft, it would go like this: #31: Jonathan Bullard, DE, Florida.
  • I should be around on Saturday to handle the 4th through 7th rounds, but my time may be split between this site and in adding all the new rookies in on Over The Cap.  I have programmed a new function that I hope will make the addition of the rookies quicker than usual, so my time won’t be eaten up too much.

The excitement for several new Broncos rookies builds!