It’s All Orange, Fat Man: 04/26/16


QB Sam Bradford has demanded a trade from the Eagles.

– The Panthers will pick up DT Star Lotulelei’s fifth-year option on his rookie deal.

– QB Drew Brees told media that the contract talks between him and the Saints will be ongoing throughout the offseason.

– The Eagles sign DT Mike Martin to a one-year deal.

– LB Thomas Davis reflects on his decision to play SB 50 with a broken arm and instagram the football-like stitching of his arm to all fans around.

– Known as one of the biggest busts to ever play in the NFL, Jamarcus Russell has asked all 32 teams for a chance to play again. He even volunteered to do assistant work!

– Roger Goodell is pleased with how the Brady ruling came out and stated he was protecting the integrity of the game.

– With that being said, I guess Tom still has other options albeit are going to be shots in the dark.

Mark Davis will commit to relocation to Las Vegas, NV if the stadium funding is approved. Would not make any sense however considering the team that moves there would be in competition with all of the other established shows, casinos, plays, and performances as an entertainment enterprise. Not to mention if you take out the tourist population in Las Vegas during the weekend, you get a city that’s about the size of Colorado Springs. I honestly think that’s a bad business move to make even if you include the image appeal of a Raider team moving to a sinful city.


– Elizabeth Merrill writes the story of LB prospect Jaylon Smith and how he became the hopeful mystery of the draft.

– David Chao retells some medical issues that come with the draft.

– Erik Oehler analyzes OL Jack Allen out of Michigan State.

– Here is the final 2016 PFF Draft Board of 250 prospects.

– Sam Monson and Will Renner debate the better WR prospect between Rashard Higgins and Will Fuller.

– Sam Monson analyzes QB Jimmy Garrapolo’s matchup with the first four Patriot opponents.

Chase Stuart/Bryan Frye analyzes QB’s with his ANY/A+ method and ranks the best to the worst.


– The Broncos inquired about a trade for QB Sam Bradford but as usual, the price for the Eagles QB was way too high.

– LB Demarcus Ware not only expected the Broncos to ask for him to take a paycut but, welcomed the opportunity with open arms. He can earn it back because it’s structured with incentives though, so, it’s not really a paycut unless he doesn’t produce. Here is what he had to say:

“I knew with all the moves in free agency and guys that were unrestricted or restricted, I knew that they were going to come at me and say, ‘DeMarcus, do you want to take a pay cut. Do you want to restructure.’ I was welcoming it,” he said in comments distributed by the team. “I know that it’s that part of my career where what I bring to the game is intangible things [like] leadership, motivating the guys and getting out there and playing when I can. But also, you’ve got guys like [linebacker] Shaq [Barrett]. You’ve got guys like Shane [Ray] that were productive this year.

“One thing I saw and I told him, I said, ‘I feel like those guys are ready, but they also need that veteran leadership.’ Whatever we need to do to keep me here, I was very involved with Elway talking back and forth with him. That’s why I like him. As a General Manager, you can talk to him and be man to man and say, ‘This is what we can’t do and this is what we can do,’ and talk face to face and get it done.”

“I always say don’t put the cart before the bull,” Ware said. “I feel like that’s what Elway did saying, ‘We just lost a leader in Peyton [Manning], but we still need our solid guy that’s keeping the guys right and making sure the maturity on the team stays at a level to where everybody stays focused.’ Because he knows I’m not here for money. I’m here to win championships. I’m here to go over and beyond and build a legacy for the Denver Broncos. I think this was a smart move by everybody and I’m glad I’m still able to be here playing.”

– Cameron Wolfe selects the #31 pick for the Broncos.


– After the Generals signed Josh Norman to a big deal, DL Chris Baker playfully asked the GM if they have any more money for him and TE Jordan Reed.


“Good, better, best, never let it rest. ‘Til your good is better and your better is your best.” – St. Jerome

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