It’s All Orange, Fat Man: 04/22/16


– Joe Flacco is excited for working with his WRs including new addition WR Mike Wallace.

– QB Robert Griffin III hopes WR Josh Gordon will realize that doing drugs could cost him his NFL career.

– The Panthers are encouraged by WR Kelvin Benjamin’s recovery.

–  Former University of Florida DC Dan Quinn, thinks the world of newly-released DT Dominique Easley.

– According to Dave Gettleman, Panthers GM, the lack of cap space to pay for Josh Norman coupled with his in-desire to work with a smaller deal led to his rescinded franchise tag.

–  CB Josh Norman will visit the Redskins today.

– The Rams finish up with QB Jared Goff and judging by both of their responses, Goff is going to be the #1 overall pick come draft night.

Prince passed away yesterday. RIP.


Jon Gruden thinks the Eagles have too many QBs between $18 million QB1, $7 million QB2, and a big rookie deal for QB Carson Wentz/Jared Goff.

– Mike Florio argues Hue Jackson traded out of his pick because he thinks there is a better QB to be taken later in the draft.


– John Elway really wants to get a deal done with Von Miller. He also characterized talks between him and QB Colin Kaepenick as dormant.

– Cameron Wolfe states the Broncos will primarily be looking to upgrade OL during the draft. He also explains that John Elway is comfortable staying with the #31 pick in the draft. 


– P Pat McAfee made a 4/20 reference on Twitter and then received a notice to get drug tested on Thursday.

= QB Robert Griffin III ends every press conference with a catch phrase: “No pressure, no diamonds.”


“When you die there is going to be a tombstone. On it will be your name, a sentence describing what you meant to others, and there will be a date. In between that date, there is going to be a dash. What you do with that dash is of the uttermost importance.” – Anonymous

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