It’s All Orange, Fat Man: 04/11/16 (Accidental Pre-Lunch Edition!)


– Count the Pats in as a team that’s interested in the Navy star Keenan Reynolds.

– The 49ers are trying to trade Antoine Bethea and Anthony Davis. The second one appears that it would stem from an April 1st message that appears cryptic in nature.

DT Ndamokung Suh shows up for the first day of the Dolphins program.

LT Ronnie Stanley states that he will get really nervous if he is not on the board after the first ten selections.

– Cardell Hayes, the man who is accused of shooting DE Will Smith in a road rage fury, claims that he wasn’t the aggressor.

– There is a report floating around that suggests Hue Jackson is a bad fit for the Browns analytical staff in their front office.

– The NY Giants signed three players.

– Bruce Arian’s is buying what the AFCA convention was selling last January and argues that the game is under attack and as a result, mom’s are afraid to let their sons play football.


– David Chao suggests there is a new workout technique that will change the game for rehabilitation.

– David Fleming analyzes if Paul Deposta’s Moneyball approach will work in Cleveland.

– Jamison Hensley suggests that the Raven’s spot in the draft will be highly desired for teams looking for a QB.

– Ashley Fox writes that the moves that the Philadelphia Eagles have made are an indictment of Chip Kelly.

– Sheil Kapadia asks why the Seahawks didn’t try to trade for T Ryan Clady before the Jets got to him.

–  ESPN writers analyze the best draft moves teams have made in the last five years.

– A post on Chase Stuart’s blog tests the tape on metrics regarding RBs.

– Josh Liekiewicz proposes a theory on how the Browns can combat the Raven’s running game in the draft.

– John Breitenbach warns a buyer-beware on these few QBs including Broncos target, Dak Prescott.


– Mike Florio comments John Elway’s political correctness in handling the Ryan Clady situation.

– Jeff Legwold states that Mark Sanchez will be the starter for the Broncos at QB.

– From Aqib Talib: In Elway We Trust.

– WR Max McCaffery and T Ben Clarke, two local guys, get pre-draft workouts before the draft.


– Odell Beckham Jr. has now moved his crosshairs from Josh Norman to Stephon Gilmore. On Instagram….


“Procrastinator? No. I just wait until the last second to do my work because I will be older, therefore wiser.” – Anonymous

EDIT: “The head coach must not allow himself to become “captive” to the agenda of other people (e.g., assistant coaches, operations personnel, league personnel, outside consultants, etc.). Despite the fact that most of these individuals are well meaning and simply trying to do their job for the perceived benefit of the organization, the head coach must keep in perspective the fact that each of these individuals is only one of many voices.” – Bill Walsh

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