Sweet 16: Denver Broncos March Madness Tournament

Results from the second round are in, as you can see here in the updated bracket.  Beyond the fold you will see the Sweet 16 contests in list form that you can vote upon in the comments in this thread or by sending me a ballot via the contact form.  And there will be some commentary as well on how the second round went.

There wasn’t much drama in the second round: most of the favorites won rather handily, although I did sense some exceptionally heightened regret in Ed McCaffrey’s landslide loss to Champ Bailey.  However, McCaffrey’s old receiving partner in Rod Smith was able to win decisively as a lower seed over Lionel Taylor.  The only two fierce competitions saw a pair of linebackers in Tom Jackson and Al Wilson barely fall, respectively, to Goose Gonsoulin and Rick Upchurch.  At one point, I feared that I was going to have to cast a tiebreak vote in the Wilson/Gonsoulin matchup, that would have been quite difficult.


With the second round in the books, we can now turn to the Sweet 16.  Will there be a bit more drama than the second round here?  I’ll be seeing if some of those top seeds feel some heat.

#1 Shannon Sharpe vs. #13 Simon Fletcher
#2 Karl Mecklenburg vs. #6 Rod Smith
#1 Terrell Davis vs. #4 Austin Gonsoulin
#2 Champ Bailey vs. #3 Rick Upchurch
#1 Floyd Little vs. #5 Peyton Manning
#2 Randy Gradishar vs. #3 Tom Nalen
#1 Gary Zimmerman vs. #4 Mike Shanahan
#2 Steve Atwater vs. #3 Louis Wright