It’s All Orange, Fat Man: 03/05/16

NFL News

– The Titans GM has narrowed his choices for the first overall pick and he is considering anywhere between 2 to 20 players.

– The Saints are not going to tender Khiry Robinson because they can’t afford it.

– There was a knife found around the scene of the crime 12 years ago of the alleged OJ Simpson murder trial. That knife is found to be inconsistent with murder as was the glove. On another note, Bennett Omalu thinks OJ Simpson is a pretty high candidate for CTE as do I. Nina Mandell makes fun of the situation all together.

–  In case you are wondering why Peyton Manning is taking his time to retire, it could have something to do with regretting that decision later and wanting to come back and play again. Kellen Winslow, two years away from his retirement, announced that he wants to play again.

– Chargers have shown interest in extending WR Keenan Allen.

– Some NFL teams asked some weird questions to prospects about whether they like girls or not.

– Tom Coughlin interviewed for the Eagles recently and ripped the New York Giants for the entire interview.

– Tony Romo will have a Mumford Procedure done on his clavicle.

– Terrell Owens felt blindsided by Marvin Harrison’s comments the other day.

Mike Ditka rips Barack Obama for not being a leader.

NFL Analysis

– Greg Gabriel breaks down WR Pharoh Cooper, OT Shon Coleman, OT Avery Young, S Miles Killebrew, and DT Matt Ioannidis.

– Mike Renner analyzes OT Jason Spriggs out of Indiana.

– Scott Kacsmar did a study on Adjusted Games Lost by Unit in the NFL. The AGL calculates whether the player’s status was probable or worse on the listed injury report. The Broncos ranked #2 in the NFL.

– Following Demarco Murray’s year-to-year collapse, Chase Stuart analyzes the biggest year-to-year declines for RBs.


– Peyton Manning, form the looks of it, wants to keep playing in the NFL.

– According to Tom Condon, the Broncos are going to have to make their move with Peyton Manning by March 8th before free agency opens.

– The Broncos reportedly offered Brock Osweiler anywhere in between 12.27 and 16 million for three years. According to Brandon Spano, it is 39 million for three years with most of the first two years guaranteed.

– Maggie Hendricks asks if Von Miller is going to have enough moves to beat Antonio Brown in Dancing With The Stars.

Shenanigans in Cleveland

– The Browns team president, Alec Scheiner has stepped down in order to become a consultant.

– The Browns Armonty Bryant has been suspended for four games for his PED violation.

– A Cleveland Browns fan got a license plate with one of the saddest messages ever: WINPLZ


“What great thing would you attempt if you knew you cannot fail?” – Robert Schuler

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