It’s All Orange, Fat Man: 02/16/16

Here are the news:

NFL News

– Earl Thomas wants the NFL to allow players to celebrate without fining them.

“The 2017 Compensatory Pick Potential For All 32 Teams” – Nick Korte

– ESPN analysts combine together to analyze the franchise tag potential players for all 32 teams.

– Nick Wagoner suggests that the Rams could be the perfect fit for one RGIII.

Dak Prescott worked out with Jon Gruden the other day. They went over some base fronts and gave him a tutorial on how to command a huddle.

– Cal QB, Jared Goff, believes he will be the best QB to come out of this year’s draft.

NFL Analysis

– Writers are starting to get on the Von Miller train. Sam Monson at PFF argued that he should be the highest paid defender in the NFL.

РPFF gives us their top 75 free agents of 2016.

– The Seahawks offseason focus for next year will be about keeping their franchise quarterback healthy.

– Jeremy Fowler writes that if LeVeon Bell wants to succeed in the NFL, all he has to do is follow the blueprint set up by Matt Forte.

– Shane Lechler is tired of mediocrity and wants to win a Super Bowl. He thinks his Texans can win it.

– Eagles aren’t expected to franchise tag Sam Bradford this year.

– Although every coach is on the hot seat every year, here are the nine most likely to be fired.

– Emily Kaplan from MMQB, gives a 2016 offseason primer for the unknowledgeable.

– Charlie Campbell from Walter Football has released another Mock Draft. Vernon Butler, DT, goes to Broncos.


– In case you missed it, Walter Football reported yesterday that the relationship between Peyton and John Elway has deteriorated and the Broncos will sign Brock Osweiler. They are also thinking about giving Brock some competition by drafting another QB. One that they really like is reportedly Dak Prescott.

– Malik Jackson thinks that Brock Osweiler is proven and underpaid as an athlete. When speaking about the Broncos, he referred to them as “they” instead of “we” or “us” which probably means he knows the Broncos can’t pay him.

– Sarah Spain of the ESPN Women’s website discuss the sexual assault allegations that have come up recently about you-know-who.

– Jeff Legwold states that the Broncos have only two options for Peyton, cut him now, or wait until he makes a decision.

The Shamus from Sea World

– Adam Gase has yet another experience of the continuous hot seat that is coaching. Stephen Ross, Dolphins owner, told media that if he doesn’t make the playoffs within three year, he will be fired.

– Stephen Ross also apparently have associates that work for him spread word that he is not a reactionary owner.

– The Dolphins have expressed interest in keeping Lamar Miller in a Dolphin uniform.


– The internet could have potentially exploded thanks to Von Miller’s bedazzled jacket.


– Treat humanity to its ends, not to its means.” – Immanuel Kant

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