It’s All Orange, Fat Man: 02/15/16

Here are the news:

NFL News

– The Rams taking RGIII in free agency, if it were to happen, would cap off one of the greatest fleeces in NFL history.

– Derek Carr has thrown 53 TDs in his first two years at QB which means he is second only to a Dan Marino.

– Josh Gordon is still waiting for reinstatement from the NFL.

– In order to get their hands on the infamous Ray Rice video, TMZ paid $100,000 to obtain it. Which is a good investment considering how much traffic they received afterwards.

– QB Tavaris Jackson will reportedly test out the free agent market.

– You can now see Jason Pierre-Paul’s x-ray of his hand after he blew it up from the fireworks incident.

NFL Analysis

– ESPN writers answer 50 questions they are sure this offseason will bring.

– Howard Bryant, from ESPN, raises the issue that writing a story in a reactionary mindset can harm athlete’s reputations, most notably Cam Newton and Peyton Manning.

– Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle notes that the Houston Texans flush cap space helps them with roster flexibility.

–  Monica Rhor and David Barron chronicle the rise and fall of one Johnny Manziel.

– Here are some possible landing spots for cap casualties.

– Kirk Cousins and the Washington Generals are nowhere near close to a deal. Which means another QB may be added to the free agent market. This should help give the Broncos more leverage on Osweiler.

– Ian Wharton from Bleacher Report gives a detailed breakdown of RB Derrick Henry of Alabama and suggests his transition to the NFL is by far the easiest of the draft class. Tell that to the Seattle Seahawks who selected Aaron Curry (who?) with the 2nd overall pick.

Peyton Manning Incident

A curious, redacted part of the 74 page report regarding a Peyton Manning incident with the trainer may be released in the near future.

– Mike Florio expands on why the Daily News article is so one-sided against Manning.


– Surprise, Broncos are waiting for Peyton Manning to make a decision before negotiating with Brock.

– Troy Renck reports that they are currently negotiating with Malik Jackson and confirms they are waiting for the Peyton Manning situation to unfold before any negotiations start with Brock.

– The Broncos 2015 Championship season is now available in pictures.

– Peter King wrote an article about Von Miller’s trip to just about everywhere last week and got to talk about it on the phone. Von confirms he batted the ball on the last fumble of the game, among other things.

– Count Ronnie Hillman in on the keep Brock Osweiler n Denver train.

– Cecil Lammey explores the Broncos biggest needs as free agency approaches.


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