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Hello all. Hope all is well on your side of the world. Welcome to the first edition of “It’s All Orange, Fat Man!” which used to be known as the “Daily Lard” on the site which does not need to be named. I am not even going to attempt to fill Douglas Lee’s shoes who wrote the Daily Lard for years. He eloquently set a Cal Ripken-like streak of quality, or not so quality, news to links. I will be doing a similar format as he would to recreate the content we used to love and enjoy. Albeit, there will be a lot less words used and it will be a lot less eloquent.

My objective going forward is to provide the best conglomeration of information for one person: YOU! So this is your product. If you don’t like something about it or have ideas on how to make it better, please tell me. If you want to tell me that my grammar sucks and/or there are certain words that are misspelled, tell me. If you want to tell me that I am doing a fantastic job, tell me. Finally, if you just want to add some links that I didn’t include but you feel is interesting/relevant to the conversation, comment below. My main reason for doing this is to give you our edition of the morning newspaper, which I can only make great with the help of your input. So please, don’t hesitate to include your feedback.

I also want to let you know that if this is something you are definitely not interested in and want to go in another direction in the form of a daily thread, please let me know and we can go in that direction as well. As I have said before, this is designed for you, not me.


– Steve Palazzolo notes the nine best quarterbacks set to enter free agency, including Sam Bradford and Brock Osweiler.

– Cancer has reached Falcons owner, Arthur Blank, as of yesterday. Hope for a steady and relatively harm-free recovery.

– People in attendance apparently don’t have enough time to watch the Super Bowl as they downloaded over 10 TB of data on their phones while the game was playing.

– Albeit from February 1st, Dr. David Chao, the former San Diego team doctor that reportedly drank on the job, examines the changing culture of concussions in the NFL. He also talks about his Super Bowl experience in a later piece.

– Shutdown Corner produces their admittedly early version of their power rankings.

-Peter King plays the “what if?” situation that many sports enthusiasts like to play only this time, he suggests that if Cam would have recovered his own fumble late in the fourth quarter, he would have a chance to score a TD with three minutes to go and they could have, perhaps, won the Super Bowl. He also answers mail.

– Sam Monson of Football Outsiders goes over 10 big off-season decisions that include *gasp* whether Peyton Manning should retire or not. 

– Chase Stuart offers insights as to how Tony Dungy made the Hall of Fame. In addition, he investigates whether Super Bowl 50 was the best defensive performance ever by both teams. 


– For what it’s worth, Eli Manning gave a response as to why he looked so sad when the Broncos scored the TD to go up 22-10.

– Cam Newton defended his behavior during the Super Bowl post-game press conference.

Obviously, I have had a lot of time to think about it. And I have seen so much — you know — blown out of proportion. At the end of the day, when you invest so much time — when you sacrifice so much — and things don’t go as planned — I think emotions take over. I think that’s what happens. And as far as trying to be like this person — try to be like that person, I heard numerous quotes about what if this person was in that situation? How would he have handled it? Well, we’ve seen this person do that. How did he handle it? The truth of the matter is I’m not trying to be this person nor am I trying to be that person. I’ve said it since Day 1, I am who I am — I know what I’m capable of and I know where I’m going and I don’t have to conform to anyone else’s — you know — wants for me to do. I’m not that guy.

– Video here. 


– Some off-duty cops ran into LeSean McCoy’s fists the other night.

– Former Bronco, Montee Ball, will not be charged with felony for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend.

– Johnny Manziel was reportedly hung over at a team meeting. And the Cleveland Browns may have tried to cover it up by telling the media he had concussion-like symptoms. Von Miller states he supports Johnny Manziel and he will work his issues out in time to save his career.

– After Aqib Talib said he was just sending a message, NFL will consider giving Talib a suspension for his face mask penalty during the Super Bowl.

Everyone Loves Von

– Von Miller made an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

– Von Miller also made the cover of Sports Illustrated.


– The POTUS and Gary Kubiak talked over the phone. Here is the actual audio.

– Another guy says Wade Phillips is awesome. 

– Mark Kiszla says Peyton Manning competes. 

– Andrew Mason provides some takeaways from the season-ending press conference with John Elway and Gary Kubiak.

– There was a parade yesterday. Apparently there were over one million fans in attendance. 

– Sam McGuinness goes over some college prospects that may interest the Broncos (and the Panthers) post-Super Bowl.

– Joe Ellis, confirming that Pat Bowlen’s health is deteriorating, remarks that he would be very fond of this team in particular.

– FiveThirtyEight’s Neil Payne argues that Peyton Manning’s season was incredibly weird for winning the Super Bowl.

– John Elway says this year’s Broncos defense was one of the best ever.

– Thanks to one CJ Anderson and others, Cal may be recognized as the modern-day Running Back U.

Personnel Decisions

Per Adam Schefter, former Cherry Creek star QB and Northwestern star WR, Kain Colter, will be playing for the Los Angeles Rams next year.

– Titans have released safety Michael Griffin.

– Saints cut guard Jahri Evans.

Nate Allen, safety, is cut from the Raiders after signing a 4 year deal worth 23 million just last year.

– The Jets and Colts make three new coaching hires.

Justin Durant and William Moore have been released from the Atlanta Falcons.

– Falcons hire Joel Collier as director of pro personnel.


– Walter Football’s Mock Draft.

– Draft Breakdown’s Mock Draft.

Something that I have no opinion on but I think may be interesting to you all:

– The NFL hosted their 1st Women’s Summit a couple a days ago with the objective to include more girls into football but, may have made the mistake of casually skipping over domestic violence. NFL spokeswoman Joanna Hunter reiterated that the Women’s Summit and domestic violence are “really two entirely different topics” and that “The summit focused on the benefits of organized sports participation and the positive character and values learned on the field of play.”


“The best preparation for tomorrow is by doing your best today” – H. Jackson Brown Jr.

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