What happens now?

We won!!! First off, I want to start off by saying I told you so. Each of those key points to winning the game were met, and I couldn’t be happier. I know it’s quick, but we’re on to the offseason now and I’m excited.

Below is a list of unrestricted free agents:

  • OLB Von Miller
  • DE Malik Jackson
  • QB Brock Osweiler
  • ILB Danny Trevathan
  • RB Ronnie Hillman
  • S David Bruton
  • DB Omar Bolden
  • TE Vernon Davis
  • LG Evan Mathis
  • DE Antonio Smith
  • OT Ryan Harris
  • OT Tyler Polumbus
  • WR Andre Caldwell
  • WR Jordan Norwood
  • WR Kyle Williams
  • S Josh Bush
  • S Shiloh Keo

In all seriousness, I believe Manning will likely retire, despite how frequently he dodged the question in all interviews. He’ll also drink Budweiser, apparently. We may also see Ware and Antonio Smith play their last game, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Ware tries to remain. The only way I can see him staying is if he restructures his contract to get a pay cut. Don’t forget we have the Kenny Annuke, who was placed on IR earlier this season.

Not re-signing or franchise tagging Von Miller would be the biggest mistake the Broncos will have made since hiring McDaniels to be our head coach. It has to happen. Brock Osweiler has undoubtedly shown he can lead this offense, and it is likely he will sign about a 4-year contract.

However, I wonder if we can afford Danny Trevathan and Malik Jackson, unless we reduce our expenses. Regardless, I expect most of our defense to remain outside of these guys, which will help us in the next year win many games once again.

As much as I criticized Ryan Harris, he has become a staple in our offensive line and I expect him to be re-signed along with Tyler Polumbus. Whether or not these two make the team next year is a different question, as we’ll have Ryan Clady and Ty Sambrailo back (remember them?).  Evan Mathis will unlikely get an offer to re-sign, but he will take any pay he can to stay on this team. Jordan Norwood, Kyle Williams, and Bubba Caldwell will most likely re-sign too, but whether or not they make the roster next year is a different question.

Shiloh Keo has to make the roster because of his plays, and Josh Bush played solid as well. There is going to be a tough competition keeping Omar Bolden and David Bruton on the team, however. While as good as they are on special teams, their injuries and lack of production on defense pushes their stock down. David Bruton is easily one of my favorite players on the roster, so I hope he stays on. Two of these four will be on the team next year.

I have huge question marks for Vernon Davis and Ronnie Hillman remaining on the team. Vernon Davis had limited playing time after he was acquired, and Hillman took less snaps throughout the playoffs. TE Jeff Heuerman, who was selected in the 3rd round of the draft, will likely take Davis’ spot on the roster. I wouldn’t be surprised if we sign Hillman and Davis to short-term contracts and decide whether or not to keep them on the 53-man roster by the end of the the preseason.


We have the following players signed to future reserves to try and make a spot on the roster:

Davis, Jace WR 6-1 206 24 1 Northern Colorado
Gray, Cyrus RB 5-10 206 Texas A&M
Lowery, B.J. DB 5-11 193 Iowa
Posey, DeVier WR 6-1 210 25 4 Ohio State

I expect each of these guys to give a good run for their money, but I won’t be surprised if Cyrus Gray makes the roster. He played with the Chiefs and was let go the season after tearing his ACL. He’s quick, has a good juke, and can read holes better than Hillman, in my opinion.

Draft/Free Agency:

It’s difficult to predict the draft, and anyone that says otherwise is wrong. Yes, all of us fans want to sign a better offensive linemen, or a great running back, but the truth is that John Elway finds whomever is the best player at that draft spot. It’s worked well for us these past couple of years, so I expect that to happen again this year. He’s stated again and again that he fills needs through free agency.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we pick up running back Matt Forte to rotate with CJ Anderson. Since our offense is going to see more of the Kubiak system, I expect a fullback to be picked up like Mike Tolbert or John Kuhn.

The Broncos keep flirting with Tight Ends, and we witnessed a lot of signing and cutting of Tight Ends throughout the season on the practice squad. I expect the Broncos to chase Antonio Gates, Zach Miller, Jermaine Gresham, Daniel Fells, or Tony Moeaki. I can’t foresee us going after any wide receivers based on our current depth.

I feel rather confident that we’ll try to find a right tackle, but at this time I’m not sure who that would be. Perhaps we’ll chase after Cordy Glenn. We’ll also likely try to bring in a veteran line guard like Alex Mack.

I expect little to no change in our defense. Although, we may try out some linebackers to fill in the gap Trevathan could possibly leave.

Below are our draft positions:

  • First round – pick 31
  • Second round – pick 63
  • Third round – pick 95
  • Fifth round – compensatory pick unknown
  • Seventh round – 3 compensatory picks unknown


Letting go of Kubiak won’t happen. End of story.

Wade Phillips has openly admitted that he is a horrible head coach, to which I disagree, but this only means that we can expect him to be the defensive coordinator here until he retires.

Rick Dennison, our offensive coordinator, hasn’t had a spectacular year. In fact, it was mostly terrible. I hope he doesn’t stay, but there is a possibility Kubiak and Elway will ask him to stay one more year before making a decision.

I can’t imagine any of our assistants leaving the team either after winning the Super Bowl, but I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the assistants on defense get offered a position on other teams.