Lindsay Jones Investigates The Elway/Fox Tension

This is certainly an appropriately timed article.  In talking with sources in the know, Jones lists three primary reasons for the ultimate divorce.  Two of them should be well familiar by now, no matter how painful it is to revisit: the decision by Fox to play for overtime in the 2012 playoffs, and the poor game preparation for the Super Bowl in 2013.

The third, however, is new to at least myself, though it makes sense: disagreements over playing time and staff additions:

Fox, who has built a reputation as a players’ coach, would play veterans over rookies whenever possible. There were several notable issues in 2014 in which highly drafted rookies were shelved in favor of veterans. Third-round tackle Michael Schofield was never active despite the Broncos having extensive issues at right tackle last year and first-round receiver Cody Latimer rarely played. Schofield is now Denver’s starter at right tackle, and Latimer is active on game days as a reserve weapon.

There were also disagreements about Fox’s staff. Two years ago, Elway favored Gase to be the new offensive coordinator, while Fox wanted to interview Ken Whisenhunt, who had recently been fired by the Arizona Cardinals.

We can go ahead and debate about who was right in the comments. One last fact that I’ll add, however, is that Whisenhunt went to the division rival Chargers instead, and helped rescue Philip Rivers from a downward spiral