The Trevor Siemian Hype Train Needs to Slow Down

This morning, while trying to find analysis of last night’s preseason game, I found a very interesting article in SB Nation on the Broncos new third or fourth string quarterback. As Josh Burton writes, as only a SB Nation writer could:

When Brady was drafted, and immediately slotted in as New England’s fourth-string quarterback behind Drew Bledsoe and two other guys who weren’t in the NFL for long, no one–maybe other than Bill Belichick–thought Brady would make much of an impact, lest win four championships. And the same could be said about Siemian. But, when you compare their physiques (Siemian is 6’3″, Brady is 6’4″), playing styles (neither is going to win a rushing title anytime soon), football intelligence (possibly the biggest attribute of each after college) and situations (Siemian is stuck behind Peyton Manning, Brock Osweiler and Zac Dysert in Denver), the comparison must be made.

Siemian played very well by all accounts. Let’s not forget though that he is stuck behind the real QB of the future, Brock Osweiler. Do we really think that a rotation quarterback at Northwestern has Hall of Fame potential based off a couple preseason games? I believe he is the backup of the future, ala Gary Kubiak to John Elway. But any calls for him to start any time soon are premature and frankly reminiscent of Tom Brandstater. Let’s remember that he was a 7th rounder for a reason, and not set our collective expectations too high.

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