Isaiah Battle Scouting Report

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As you’ve probably heard, Isaiah Battle is entering the 2015 supplemental draft. Before we even decide if he’s worth a pic, we need to see some tape to know what kind of talent he is. As regular commenter VonSwenson pointed out,

There’s so little info on him; I can’t see where he’s that highly rated. No Wikipedia article, Walter Football has him as the #5 tackle prospect. I know that good tackles are hard to find (where are you Lonestar?) but a second round pick is a pretty high chip to play.

Well, hopefully I can provide more info.

Good points VonSwenson. All reports have said that Battle is a top 5 tackle in 2016, but I can’t find a scouting report on him anywhere. As fans who don’t have access to All-22 film of every game, should we just trust that he would be a top 15 pick because some anonymous scouting bureau said so. In all fairness to Battle, the lack of scouting reports available on him is not his fault. He was expected to be a 2016 pick, and only a lunatic would be crazy enough to already be scouting 2016 tackles. By the way, that same lunatic hadn’t even heard of Battle at the time that article was published, and did not have him in the top 3 he was ranking.

So, I will be using my same scouting system that I used to scout Laremy Tunsil and Ronnie Stanley, and see where he grades. I will be grading him as is, so less room for Senior season upside. My rubric, with Laremy Tunsil as an example, is as follows:

  • Athletic Ability: 6/10
  • Pass Blocking Hand Placement: 10/10
  • Pass Blocking Footwork: 5/10
  • Run Blocking Hand Placement: 9/10
  • Run Blocking Footwork: 5/10
  • Character/Leadership: 7/10
  • Durability: 5/10
  • Strength: 10/10
  • Size: 8/10
  • Experience: 10/10

Tunsil scored a 7.5, or a second round grade by my rating, so the 1st round lock is highly overrated in my eyes. Anything above an 8 is a first rounder, and anything above a 9 is a top 10 guy. Ronnie Stanley received a 9.3 by the way.

Spoiler alert, Battle’s “Character/Leadership” grade is not going to be high.

I could only find the Georgia tape, so that is what I will be scouting him on. Keep in mind that he is going up against an NFL talent, Leonard Floyd, who I scouted here.

Battle exhibits both a positive and a negative here. Watch his footwork to mirror the speedy Floyd. This isn’t some cut rate pass rusher he’s up against, he’s facing a 2016 first round pick. While the footwork is there, his hand use lacks real punch. He does not do a good job to stop Floyd cold, and the little push back you see will be exposed against a talented power rusher.

His hand placement/footwork combo is key to his pass blocking. Here he performs a solid kickstep out to mirror the rusher. When Floyd cuts inside however, Battle readjusts his balance and gets his hands on Floyd. Good play.

When the effort is there, Battle’s mean streak can help him get defenders to the ground. Watch him grab and throw Floyd to the ground. It looks like a borderline hold, but with no holding called, I have to call that a good, mean block. Battle is aggressive.

When it comes to blocking linebackers at the second level, Battle is a ball watcher with poor instincts. Here he halfheartedly shoves the first man, and then turns his back to the safety, watching the running back. That lack of effort is a problem. Still, the pure aggression is there for him to work on this issue.


  • Aggressive (duh)
  • Solid Footwork pass blocking
  • Solid hand use
  • Underrated strength
  • Tall, 6’7
  • Reportedly has run in the 4.86 range
  • Great athlete
  • Fast on the field
  • Lean, natural left tackle build
  • Huge arms
  • Plenty of experience
  • Is a good in line run blocker, only lacks at second level


  • Poor second level blocker, surprising with his athleticism
  • Obvious character concerns, between the punch and the pot arrest
  • Lean at 290, left tackle only
  • Effort fades as play progresses
  • Poor at second level
  • Needs to gain functional strength


  • Athletic Ability: 10/10
  • Pass Blocking Hand Placement: 9/10
  • Pass Blocking Footwork: 10/10
  • Run Blocking Hand Placement: 8/10
  • Run Blocking Footwork: 7/10
  • Character/Leadership: 5/10
  • Durability: 10/10
  • Strength: 8/10
  • Size: 9/10
  • Experience: 9/10

Score: 8.5

I would put a first round grade on him for 2016. That would be if he had played a full season, and interviewed well at the combine. Given the special circumstances, I’d pay a second to get a first round caliber guy. I see him as a better left tackle than Sambrailo, who I believe would make an excellent guard. Hope this report helps in all of your assessments of Battle.


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