Chris Harris Jr. Not on NFL Top 100

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“NFL Commissioner” Should be in Air Quotes

Chris Harris Jr. is not an NFL top 100 player apparently. Pro Football Focus’s 4th overall player is not a top 100 football player. He is not as good as Arian “my hamstrings made of cottage cheese” Foster, 97 year old Charles Woodson, washed up Brandon Marshall, or Sen’derick f****** Marks. Apparently being a team leader and number 1 corner in the league doesn’t get you ranked above Sen’derick Marks. Raise your hand if you know who Sen’derick Marks is… put your hands down you lying POS. Adrian Peterson can beat his kid and not even play last year and still slide in at 68. Apparently being the 6th best center in the league and wearing a “Free Hernandez” shirt (Maurkice Pouncey) is better than being a team captain boy scout, who is the number one corner in the league. NFL, I was under the impression that this is a passing league where DBs are put at a premium. I suppose I was wrong. Yes folks, the NFL just said that centers are 6 times more important than corners. Their words not mine. Chris Harris must be a terrible guy or have some weird off the field stuff we don’t know about, because that’s the only logical way he could be snubbed so often. Go ahead and google “Chris Harris”. You have to scroll to find him through results from some auto youtuber. If you wiki “Chris Harris” he is the third result behind a safety and an English writer. So Chris, the league has made themselves very clear… Being a top 5 corner 3 years running doesn’t get you recognition. So until you are the top corner blindfolded you are irrelevant to the NFL. But Chris, don’t be sad, at least you aren’t Chris “Marioto”. Jesus the NFL is full of morons. Roger Goodell, how bout you go and shut down receivers en route to 0 touchdowns allowed, then you can sit at the big boy table. Harris isn’t even underrated, apparently he’s invisible.


Also: I’d love to see who’s number 1. Knowing the NFL, it’s probably Johnny “The Athlete Formerly Known as Money” Manziel.

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