Pro Football HOF Needs To Change A Bad Policy

Earlier today, I shared the news that the family of Junior Seau will not get to speak at the Pro Football Hall of Fame cermonies that take place in about two weeks.

I did mention that this would not be the first time a player inducted posthumously will not have anyone speak on his behalf, as this applied to Los Angeles Rams guard Les Richter in 2011.

However, as Mike Florio notes, this policy about players who are inducted posthumously not having anyone give a speech on their behalf was first implemented in 2010, so it hasn’t been around for long. The policy came about after Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Derrick Thomas was inducted posthumously, and both former Chiefs general manager Carl Peterson and Derrick’s son Derrion Thomas spoke on Derrick’s behalf.
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Seau’s Family Won’t Get to Speak at His HOF Induction

The New York Times reported that Junior Seau’s family will not be allowed to speak during his Hall of Fame induction ceremony Aug. 8.

According to the Times, Seau had told others that he wanted his daughter Sydney to introduce him. Now she won’t get that opportunity, even though she told the Times she doesn’t plan to talk about the traumatic brain injuries he suffered.

“It’s frustrating because the induction is for my father and for the other players, but then to not be able to speak, it’s painful,” Sydney said. “I just want to give the speech he would have given. It wasn’t going to be about this mess. My speech was solely about him.”

It’s not the first time a deceased inductee didn’t have somebody speak for him (the Times story mentions nobody spoke for 2011 inductee Les Richter).

But in this instance, it sure comes off as the NFL trying to avoid drawing attention to what happened to Seau, especially with the family filing a lawsuit against the league.

Derek Wolfe Suspended 4 Games For PED Violation

Easy come, easy go on the suspension front.

The NFLPA released this statement on behalf of Wolfe:

Please allow me to offer my most sincere apology to everyone in the Broncos organization, and especially to my teammates and our fans. During the off-season I took a medication which is on the banned substance list.  The medication is not a substance which would enhance my on-field performance in any way, and I genuinely was unaware that it was prohibited, but players are responsible for what is in their bodies. I will certainly exercise far greater caution in the future and will seek advice relating to the permissibility of any and all medications. I’m very disappointed that I can’t help my team for the first four weeks of the season, but I look forward to a great season with the Broncos and can’t wait to get back on the field in week five.

Chiefs’ Sean Smith Suspended First 3 Games, Which Includes A Broncos Game

The Broncos drew some bad scheduling luck by having to travel to Arrowhead in Week 2 with only four days of rest.  This should help ease some of that pain.  And hey, maybe Marcus Cooper won’t get picked on so much this time because Peyton Manning can now even out who he picks on.  Also, who do the Chiefs get in Week 3?  A trip to Lambeau to face Aaron Rodgers.

Champ Bailey: Wes Welker Shouldn’t Play

We’ve already been down the road before on whether calls for Welker to retire are legit concerns for health or unnecessary paternalism.  But the opinion of a colleague and former teammate who played the game at its highest level may carry more weight to Welker than to someone he’s never met before.

I Think Ed Hochuli, Esq. Would Approve

You may have come across the excellent Logical Fallacy Ref gallery in your other perusals of the internet already, but if you haven’t, these could be handy if you run into a terrible football argument elsewhere.  Using Ed Hochuli as the meme prop is excellent not only for his popularity, but appropriate for his other profession as an attorney.

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Well, That Goes Without Saying…

Drew Magary has started his annual series at Deadspin about “Why Your Team Sucks.” Today’s focus is on the Oakland Raiders.

In other words, it’s Drew playing Captain Obvious, ladies and gentlemen.

Drew will do such a writeup on every team, as he has done most past seasons. He’s already covered the Buccaneers, Jaguars and Titans.

Trust me on this: The Bucs writeup is worth it for the Jameis Winston animated gif alone.

Thin Air Tips & Guidelines For Comments & Posts

In here, you can find some suggestions that should help you in creating content for Thin Air and ensure that it is conveyed in a way that is clear and understandable for all readers. As these are just tips and guidelines, rest assured that no one will get in trouble for not always referencing them–the only thing that might happen is that I make a slight format change in a post if it bugs me enough.  And as always, feedback is welcome for any other suggestions for this list.

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Midweek Musings: The Roster Spot Battles As Training Camp Nears

Here we are, a little more than a week away from the start of Denver Broncos training camp. I figured a good topic for this week’s Midweek Musings would be to examine the Broncos’ roster entering training camp and a few things everyone can keep in mind as camp gets underway.

All roster information was taken from the Broncos’ website. I’ll get special teams out of the way first, because we’ve discussed most of them several times before, and then get into the offense and defense.
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