Ranking the Broncos: 90-81

Hello Broncos Fans!

Going into training camp, this Broncos team has a lot of new, unfamiliar faces on the roster. In order to help the average fan get acquainted with the layout of the roster, I am ranking the Broncos 90 man roster pre-training camp. Keep in mind, that IR players (ahem, Ryan Clady) will not be included on this list. If you have any disagreements with my rankings, let me know.

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Mile High Report: “Best to picture a D-Line without [Antonio Smith].

MileHghReport.com released an article yesterday morning saying the following about the Antonio Smith situation:

Smith would provide nice depth to Denver’s defensive line, but he is replaceable. The Broncos have a good corps of defensive ends and tackles to choose from, highlighted by Derek Wolfe, Malik Jackson, Vance Walker, Sylvester Williams and Marvin Austin.

Outside linebackers DeMarcus Ware, Von Miller and Shane Ray are also expected to frequently rush off the edge, providing Denver even more depth on the D-line.

So while we await news on Smith, it’s probably best to picture a d-line without him.

I realize, hating on Mile High Report is beating a dead horse. But we live in a world where you are innocent until proven guilty. If there was any overwhelming evidence don’t you think Denver would have gotten rid of him to avoid any bad PR? Not to mention, living in denial about his talents as a pass rusher is foolish. It makes no sense to write off a talented player based off of whispers. Until anything solid comes about, we need to keep him in our plans.

2015 is not ‘All or Nothing’ in Denver

Hello Broncos fans, happy Friday.

The Broncos will compete post Manning

Too often this off season I’ve heard the same played out narrative: the Broncos are in ‘win now mode’ and their ‘last chance’ at a Super Bowl is in 2015. For instance, in Jeff Legwold’s article entitled, “Broncos Want to Always be in Win-Now Mode”, he writes:

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Open Thread: The NFL’s Dead Season

Well, that time has come where the Broncos, and the NFL in general, is going into hibernation.  For approximately the next month, there will be a whole lot of nothing to talk about as far as news goes (and the exceptions to that generally aren’t good news).

Therefore, I thought I’d just sticky an open thread to ensure a place for some sort of discussion, even though we’ve been pretty vigorous with content recently.  What are you (and will be) doing for this year’s dead season?  Share your thoughts in the comments, as I will be doing soon.

Clinton Portis is Broke

According to Timothy Burke of Deadspin.com, Clinton Portis owes a lot of people a lot of money.

Court filings unearthed this week reveal that banks, the IRS, and a casino are lining up to collect from former star NFL running back Clinton Portis. Even worse, it looks like the bank is trying to foreclose on the house Portis bought for his mother in 2004.

Just last week, the bank holding the note to a home in Alachua County, Fla.—where Portis starred at Gainesville High School—continued its year-long quest to repossess the property whose deed is held by Portis and his mother, Rhonnel Hearn. That prompted a search into Portis’s other legal troubles, which include:

  • The IRS claiming he owes nearly $500,000 in back taxes.
  • MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas winning default judgment in the amount of $287,178.56.
  • A dealer seeking $157,290 in payments on an Audi S5.
  • Foreclosure proceedings on a $512,000 mortgage for a Miami condo.
  • Settlement to avoid possible foreclosure on a property in Coffee County, Ala.
  • A $20,000 lawsuit from a condo association over assessment money.

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Broncos Draft Grades 2010-2013

Hello Broncos fans,

Elway has fared pretty well in the draft

Today I will be assigning grades to the Elway drafts as well as 2010. I am not doing 2014 or 2015, since it’s just to early to tell with a lot of those guys. The Roby pick would receive an A in my eyes however. I will look at whether the player developed into a contributor, was a good value in the round they were picked in, and who was passed on to select them.

Let’s get started.

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Midweek Musings: More On Demaryius Thomas

Welcome to what I call Midweek Musings. My plan is to sit down with all you Thin Airers and go over some items pertaining to the Broncos — and perhaps to other teams — each Wednesday night. Think of this as like what Ted Bartlet used to do for Mile High Report and It’s All Over Fat Man, in which he would sit down with random observations about the Broncos and the NFL.

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John Moffitt Unretires

I’m posting this news from Jay Glazer mostly for advisory purposes, as a lot has changed for the Broncos and their offensive line since Moffitt last played.  But in case you’re wondering, the Broncos still had his NFL rights from the reserve/retired list–but Glazer also reported this:

If you read Glazer’s long tweet, you’ll see that Moffitt has gone through a lot of adversity to make it back to this attempt of playing professional football.  Best of luck to him as he tries to find a home.