Benjamin Allbright: Broncos tried to trade Peyton Manning to Texans

Since this is a hefty rumor we’ll need a thread for it:

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Rankings, Schmankings!

Last week, I had heard that Tony Romo was going to be the highest undrafted player ranked on the NFL’s Top 100 list.  This meant that, because he hadn’t been named yet, Chris Harris, Jr. would not be included on the list.  I thought briefly of making a post on this, and earlier today Leo delivered a cathartic rant on the subject.

But I decided not to make that post last week.  Why?  Because we should not stress out and pay as much attention to rankings as we do.

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Open Thread: The NFL’s Dead Season

Well, that time has come where the Broncos, and the NFL in general, is going into hibernation.  For approximately the next month, there will be a whole lot of nothing to talk about as far as news goes (and the exceptions to that generally aren’t good news).

Therefore, I thought I’d just sticky an open thread to ensure a place for some sort of discussion, even though we’ve been pretty vigorous with content recently.  What are you (and will be) doing for this year’s dead season?  Share your thoughts in the comments, as I will be doing soon.

John Moffitt Unretires

I’m posting this news from Jay Glazer mostly for advisory purposes, as a lot has changed for the Broncos and their offensive line since Moffitt last played.  But in case you’re wondering, the Broncos still had his NFL rights from the reserve/retired list–but Glazer also reported this:

If you read Glazer’s long tweet, you’ll see that Moffitt has gone through a lot of adversity to make it back to this attempt of playing professional football.  Best of luck to him as he tries to find a home.

Danny Trevathan Has A New Kneecap

I don’t know what the proper reaction should be.  Modern medicine is awesome and is capable of wonderous things.  But at the same time, with new breakthroughs come new side effects that will also be discovered.  If Klis writes a full article on this news perhaps there will be some more clarity on this matter.

UPDATE: here is Klis’s article.

Who’s a Player You’re Glad Is No Longer a Bronco?

With news that the Bills are working out former Jets tackle Wayne Hunter, this gave my good friend and colleague Jason Fitzgerald a reason to remind us of the lowest of Hunter’s lowlights.  But of course, as Bob and I both pointed out, that’s a highlight for Broncos fans.  Also, as much as we’re worried about the Broncos’ offensive line, at least they haven’t had to stoop as far as working out Wayne Hunter.

But turnabout is fair play, hence the question that I’ve posed in the title for some dead season discussion.  Who is the one player that, due to his exceptionally poor play on the field, you’re glad no longer resides in the home team’s locker room in Denver.  The first player that came to my mind as a nominee was Marquand Manuel.  Among the absolute abomination that was the 2008 Broncos defense, Manuel continually stuck out to me as the epitome of that abomination.

Redskins remove seats from FedEx Field for third time in five seasons

Via the Washington Post:

The team listed its stadium capacity at 85,000 last season, but attendance never topped 81,000 and averaged less than 78,000. The Redskins led the NFL with an average attendance of 88,090 in 2007 but have averaged fewer than 80,000 four seasons in a row.

The Redskins still remained near the top of the league in attendance; the league average last season was 68,776. The Redskins say every home game for the past 47 seasons has been a sellout.

Why am I making a quick mention of this here?  I am because the Redskins are the only team that has a longer sellout streak than the Broncos.  There are, of course, ways that the numbers can be manipulated, as Dan Snyder is demonstrating here.  But I certainly wouldn’t mind if Snyder continues to do Dan Snyder things that causes more Redskins fans to get fed up.

Broncos sign Shane Ray

Per the numbers of the rookie wage scale, as the 23rd overall pick the total of Ray’s contract and signing bonus are both known–they should be close to, respectively, $9.12 million and $4.89 million.  Judging by previous 23rd overall picks, Ray should also have the first three years of his base salary fully guaranteed.

The only possible serious point of negotiation is if the Broncos pushed for a clause to void Ray’s guarantees should he run afoul of the NFL’s substance abuse program.  Ray was placed in Phase 1 of the program due to his pre-draft citation for marijuana possession.