Broncos Playoff Standings: 2021 Week 17

Obviously, it’s very daunting. But since I missed one very narrow scenario in last week’s edition that ended up coming to fruition, let’s lay it out for the record.

The path is simple, and massive:

  • Broncos win out. Doing so also eliminates the Chargers in the process.
  • Raiders lose out (Colts, Chargers)
  • Ravens lose out (Rams, Steelers)
  • Dolphins lose two out of three (Saints, Titans, Patriots)
  • Browns beat the Steelers on Monday Night
  • Bengals beat the Browns in Week 18

On the other hand, if instead you want to “root” for the highest first round pick, the highest I believe they can get is 6th overall, as follows:

  • Broncos lose out
  • Panthers win out (Saints, Bucs)
  • Seahawks win out (Lions, Cardinals)
  • Bears win out (Giants, Vikings)
  • Dolphins win one game (Saints, Titans, Patriots)
  • Falcons win one game (Bills, Saints)
  • Washington wins one game (Eagles, Giants)