2020 Election Day Thread

A week from now, voting in general elections the United States will conclude, and results will start to come in on who are its new elected officials, and whether any new laws will be enacted. Due to the heightened level of attention a general election of which includes President gets, for this year we are going to do something different. I am requesting that all discussion regarding this election and public policy reside within this thread until it is no longer stickied on the front page. The sticky will remain until the day after Election Day at the earliest, and potentially longer depending on the outcome of certain elections.

As always, a thread like this is political by definition, so know what you’re getting into should you participate. You are also encouraged to tell us about notable races on your ballot that are not as well known by people outside your jurisdiction. And of course, if you have an opinion on anything on your ballot, be sure you have a plan to vote and then do it, if you have not done so already.