Andy Janovich Contract Details

Janovich’s contract table is beyond the fold:

YearBase SalaryProrated BonusRoster BonusWorkout BonusCap NumberDead MoneyCap Savings

italics – fully guaranteed base salary

A point of emphasis on new money should be made here. While it’s accurate that the total new money of the extension is $5.7 million, the new money in guarantees is only $2.5 million. His 2019 salary of $720,000 (the veteran minimum) is part of his rookie contract, and was not only practically guaranteed anyway, but had already been paid in part through game checks that he had earned from games he played this season before the extension. This is something that I accurately guessed based on an early report on the numbers from Ian Rapoport. I also accurately guessed his 2020 guaranteed base salary, and was correct to suspect that roster and workout bonuses could be lurking in the deal, although they are minimal.

Nonetheless, this deal pegs very close to what I had estimated for an extension for Janovich back in July. The main difference is that the real extension is for one less year, with $500,000 less in guarantees. In both my mock and the real deal, Janovich has firm security with Denver only through 2020. However, it still competes well with non-outlier fullback deals, and the Broncos and Janovich should be happy for coming to this agreement.