Simply Siemian

In my recent 10 things I liked/didn’t like post, I alluded to Trevor Siemian’s ability to go through progressions and getting the ball to open receivers. I also mentioned that he has a tendency of checking down too quickly.

I previously wrote about Brock Osweiler when he was still with our team. As I was watching the Houston Texans game against the New England Patriots last night, it’s unfortunate for me to say he hasn’t improved in his weaknesses at all. There still isn’t enough tape for me to properly evaluate Trevor Siemian, but I like what I see so far. I say his biggest weakness is he is too conservative at times and reminds me a little of our previous quarterback Kyle Orton.

I’ll review our last game against the Colts, since they had a little more tape from another game and could adjust their defense accordingly.

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Don’t Take Power Rankings So Seriously

In the weeks that led up to the start of the NFL season, most of those rolling out power rankings didn’t think much about the Broncos, and two weeks into the season, some still aren’t ranking them that high.

But the one thing we must remember when we debate power rankings is that we need to ask everyone who puts them together these four words:

What. Is. Your. Criteria.
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