2016 NFL Season Predictions

The offseason is now over.  Free agency, the draft, training camp, preseason, roster cuts…all seen clearer in the rearviewmirror.  It’s time to put all that work to the test and play some football.

So if you wish, it’s time to put your predictions on the table.  And I’ve found a handy tool to do it: the NFL Playoff Predictor.  Be forewarned that there are still some bugs in it that you may have to account for in your own writing.  However, there are three things that I like about this:

  1. It allows you to pick all 256 games, forcing you to actually show how you got each team to the record you’ve predicted for them.
  2. The usability is excellent: just click on winners and move on to the next week.
  3. It generates a URL that you can share your prediction with easily.

So for those interested, pick the games and copy and paste your URL here before the Super Bowl champion Broncos take the field on Thursday!