2016 NFL Season Predictions

The offseason is now over.  Free agency, the draft, training camp, preseason, roster cuts…all seen clearer in the rearviewmirror.  It’s time to put all that work to the test and play some football.

So if you wish, it’s time to put your predictions on the table.  And I’ve found a handy tool to do it: the NFL Playoff Predictor.  Be forewarned that there are still some bugs in it that you may have to account for in your own writing.  However, there are three things that I like about this:

  1. It allows you to pick all 256 games, forcing you to actually show how you got each team to the record you’ve predicted for them.
  2. The usability is excellent: just click on winners and move on to the next week.
  3. It generates a URL that you can share your prediction with easily.

So for those interested, pick the games and copy and paste your URL here before the Super Bowl champion Broncos take the field on Thursday!

  • Rzeppa

    What a fun tool! Thanks so much for putting this together! I have Broncos over GB in the SB 🙂

  • Rzeppa
    • gobroncos

      That was 18 years ago.

    • gobroncos

      Wow, you had the Packers going 8-8 but still getting the No. 4 seed and then getting to the superbowl? dang.

      • Rzeppa

        It was a first pass with little analysis and mostly “what fun is this?” kind of approach LOL!

  • I was putting together my predictions for my season preview and stumbled across that link. I will likely have something up later today.

  • gobroncos

    I don’t need this thing to know I’ll end up predicting the broncos go 16-0 and win the superbowl. None of the other teams really matter.


    • ohiobronco

      That would actually work out to 19-0

  • gobroncos


    Broncos over Seahawks.

    I tend to pick teams to win a lot and others to lose a lot.
    I have two teams 1-15, three teams 2-14.
    All AFC teams that got in the playoffs had 12-4 record or better, with another team having 12-4 record and not getting in.

    There is a glitch.

    I went through it and ended up with Dolphins 1 seed, Broncos 2 seed, Bengals 3 seed, Jaguares 4 seed, Colts 5 seed and Steelers 6 seed.

    The copied link shows chiefs in at 5 seed and the Steelers not making it.

    Copied link has the the Colts rightfully beating out the Jags in seeding . I had them split the series, but Colts had a better division record. It was flipped in my original predictions, which kept the Chiefs out and the Steelers in. Both had 12-4 records.


    New link since the playoff seeding was different.

    Other notables:

    Texans go 6-10. Haha
    Patriots go 9-7. Haha
    Jags go 12-4. My darkhorse team along with the
    Dolphins that go 13-3
    Broncos 13-3
    Chiefs 12-4
    Raiders 8-8
    Chargers 3-13
    Redskins get in with 9-7 record

    • Jeremy

      If you really feel that strongly on the Dolphins, you could make some very good money in Vegas. They are currently 40-1 odds to win the AFCC, tied with Ten For 2nd worse. I haven’t seen updated division odds, but I bet they are paying they are paying over 10-1 right now for the Dolphins.

  • Palmetto Bronc

    So apparently I think the Packers have an easy schedule. I had picked them 16-0 just looking at each week’s match up. Went back and adjusted it to 14-2. My NFC judgement may be affected by recently binge watching the NFL Films/Amazon documentary “All or Nothing” as I picked the Cardinals very high. Even going to the Super Bowl against the Broncos.

    I also have a hard time picking the other AFC West teams to ever win (except when they play each other).


  • DCJ1

    I ended up with the playoffs being almost an exact repeat from last year. Lost of post-hoc bias…


  • babsonjr

    Just getting back from holiday and haven’t gone to the Predictor yet, but I will say it’s a little unnerving how I have almost no feeling for the pulse of the team this year. We could dominate and with the SB again, or struggle to 8 wins and miss the playoffs completely. We didn’t see much of Kubs playbook during preseason and only a scant glance at how well the revamped starting OL will operate. The D will be solid, no doubt, but will it be top 5 solid or clear cut #1 solid with continuing otherworldly suffocating play? Can the O hold up their end and generate points and field position to take some of the load off the D? The team talks about establishing the run game every year, but now that it seems they actually have the playmakers can they really do it? Why is Elway’s plan so difficult to read this year?

    So many questions! And many of those Qs will be answered, or at least a hint of an answer will emerge, in the Carolina game Thursday.
    I have no clue what to predict until then Thursday night. Yeah I know I’m lame, but it’s the anonymous internet so I’ll wait a couple days for my season predictions.

  • drewthorn

    Mine ended with Cincy beating GB. Probably a year too late for the Bengals, but they were arguably the best team in the AFC last seaso’n until Dalton went down.

    Buffalo won the AFC East with a 7-9 record. Highly improbable, but gosh that’d be awesome.

    Raiders 7-9, Brent and his bestest team ever 8-8, although I’m sure he worked his tail off, leaving each day at 3 a.m. and returning at 3:15 a.m. I could sense his cliche addled and earnest enthusiasm throughout the simulation.

    • Kyle Milligan

      That Brent bit is hilarious.

      He’s already on HEB commercials with JJ Watt btw

  • Nick

    OK, I finally got around to my prediction:


    Steelers over Packers in SB LI. Saints with the first overall pick.

    I realize having the Broncos at 13-3 is homerish, but I continue to submit that they have an excellent split between home and road games this year. It shows in that the three losses I picked were @KC…and TB and JAX (Broncos just play terrible in Florida). So if the Broncos lose more, they may be losing them at home. I suppose another division rival could get them at their house, but I just don’t have the willpower to ever pick the Raiders to beat them.

  • RSH, Esq.

    I have the Pittsburgh Steelers defeating the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl LI. I have the Denver Broncos losing at Pittsburgh in a AFC Divisional Playoff Game. The Broncos, however, will win their sixth consecutive AFC West title by virtue of a tiebreaker over the Kansas City Chiefs. Even though I have the Oakland Raiders finishing at 10-6, they end up missing the playoffs. My predictions are more than likely way off, but I foresee a lack of parity this year. I see a lot of bad play in the NFC South, in particular.