Biomechanical Reviews: Preseason Week 1 (Part 2)

Biomechanical Reviews: Preseason Week 1 (Part 2)

QB Talk

There is no easy way to deliver this news.  Paxton Lynch is not a franchise QB.

In overall athletic ways, Paxton Lynch is remarkable- a 6’7” man who can throw like a rocket and move laterally with the best of them.  There are good reasons why he was selected in the first round.

But the red flags that I originally saw with a more primitive model (medial throwing-related inefficiencies) have shown themselves to be critical flaws in the more detailed, updated model. His throwing-related thoracic efficiency is simply not sufficient for a franchise-level QB- not even for a quality starter.

Elway shows a blind spot for posterior throwing-related efficiency- he passed over Russell Wilson for Brock Osweiler, and he passed over Dak Prescott for Paxton Lynch.  In both cases, the player he chose showed greater anterior efficiency.  And in both cases, there was a superior player available, who showed better posterior throwing-related mechanics (which are harder to spot visually, but are ultimately more important). John Elway is one of the best GMs in the league.  But he missed both times.  On the plus side, both QBs ended up in the NFC.

Around the league

Names to remember:  Tajae Sharpe, Mike Davis

QBs (linked to Broncos)-

Hoyer– excellent physical attributes (footwork/ throwing mechanics).  Clear problems with decision making (and noticeable cervical entanglements).

Brent– is a downgrade from Hoyer for the Texans. Bullet dodged by Elway.

Kaepernick– will likely never be the same QB again (based on tape 2014-2015).

RGIII– looks better/ healthier than expected.  ACL work has left its mark on his throwing mechanics- delivery appears slow-ish, but he’s moving well and delivering the ball mostly on-time (unlike last year).  Will be following his status closely this preseason.

Dak Prescott– was the only franchise-caliber QB available to Denver this past offseason.  Prescott’s anterior throwing-related mechanical issues are real, but are vastly trumped by his posterior throwing-related efficiency.

Random bits

The following players look healthy and in line for a productive season (barring future injuries): Doug Martin, Ryan Matthews, Doug Baldwin, Marvin Jones, Allen Robinson, AJ Green, Kirk Cousins, Blake Bortles