It’s All Orange, Fat Man: 07/20/16


– Dean Blandino, NFL VP of Officiating, elaborated on the catch rule and reiterated the importance of calling it incomplete if you have any doubt at all. He also explained the use of chips in footballs in 2016 and beyond.

– Joe Lockhart, the NFL’s top Public Relations Official, a man credited from steering Bill Clinton through impeachment now has to do what seems impossible in comparison: Repair the league’s identity and the Goddell’s reputation.

– Jameis Winston who in all honesty had a “bad body”, has shed 20 pounds with the help of his trainer.

– WR Santana Moss contended that former Jaguar, Mark Brunnell, was the best QB that he had his whole career.┬áThe next four QBs he listed behind Brunnell were Donovan McNabb then Rex Grossman folowed by Jason Campbell and then RGIII. Ouch…

– Teddy Bridgewater and TE Kyle Rudolph are looking to build off their playoff performance from last year in hopes of making a run at the title. Mike Zimmer wants Teddy to just “trust Kyle more” as well.

– Apparently, all of the coaches in the Cowboys staff lobbied for Jerry and Stephen Jones to hang onto Rolando McClain who was cut due to financial reasons along with his suspension.

– Like Marcel Dareus, DeAngelo Williams and Big Ben don’t want to play a NE Patriot team without Brady because it doesn’t prove anything.

– AJ Green is living everyday with a little more ease this year since he doesn’t have to worry about any off-field shenanigans that come with being a professional athlete.


– Joel Corry, a former agent, wrote how the deals Von Miller and Muhammad Wilkerson signed have reset the market for premium pass rushers one of which includes Khalil Mack.

– Chase Staurt remembers the five-year period where Arian Foster dominated the NFL in carrying the rock.

– Jason Lisk adds that Arian Foster will hope to emulate more of a Corey Dillon than a Jamal Lewis at the age of 29.

– Ryan Wilson hopes to see more of the former Steelers defense from old from new DC Keith Butler.

– Matt Claasen previews the Detroit Lions for their 2016 season.

– Sam Monson analyzes the Minnesota Vikings and even though they have a QB who can improvise, he argues that he is still struggling in the system.


– As was posted yesterday, TJ Ward says the Broncos defense can continue to grow and become the best defense of all time.

– Jeff Legwold states that the Broncos must leave the Von Miller drama and the Super Bowl hangover behind if they really want to repeat as Super Bowl Champions.

– According to Cameron Wolfe, CB Aqib Talib feels great and can’t wait to get back onto the field.

– Gary Kubiak stated that there is nothing smooth about the football team Denver has but, the magic comes in finding a way to persevere through it. This kind of sounds like they are going to take the philosophy built around last year’s team and try to inject it this year as well. That can be risky, considering this is a different team.


– When it gold cold in Green Bay, Brett Favre took part in some elaborate pranks. One of which was especially cruel.


“Civility is not not saying negative or harsh things. It is not the absence of critical analysis. It is the manner in which we are sharing this territorial freedom of political discussion. If our discourse is yelled and screamed and interrupted and patronized, that’s uncivil.” – Richard Dreyfuss

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