Von Miller and Sacks Trivia

As we continue to celebrate the Von Miller extension, here’s some light weekend trivia questions for you:

  1. There are four teams that Von Miller has yet to play.  Name them.
  2. In addition to the four teams above, and excluding the Broncos, there are only four other teams that Miller has yet to sack.  Name them.
  3. As far as I can tell, there is only one player in NFL history that has sacked all 32 teams.  Name him.
  4. As far as I can tell, there is only one player in NFL history that has sacked 31 teams, excepting the one team he’s been with his whole career.  Name him.

UPDATE: Congrats to Kndh19 for working through and answering all four questions correctly!  The answers are now posted at the bottom of this article.

(A hint for #3 and #4: it’s not DeMarcus Ware.  He never sacked the Broncos in three attempts, and he has yet to play the Cowboys, something he may never get to do as a Bronco.)

Clearly, we would like Miller to be able to join the answer to #4, but not the answer to #3.  The fact that he’s already taken down 23 teams in just five seasons is impressive.

As an aside, earlier in comments the topic of classic NES games came up.  It’s my guess that this also represents Von Miller’s reaction yesterday:

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  1. Giants, Eagles, Cowboys, Jaguars. (These were all teams Miller missed in 2013 due to his suspension.  He will get to play Jacksonville for the first time this year, and the NFC East teams next year.)
  2. Lions, Saints, Texans, Colts. (Miller will get another chance against all of these teams next year except the Lions, of which 2019 will be the next opportunity.)
  3. John Abraham
  4. Robert Mathis