It’s All Orange, Fat Man: 07/15/16


– Aaron Rodgers thinks that the “mindset of players” when they are playing the game complicates the concussion issue.

– Kayln “Could you spell Caitlyn any weirder” Kahler interviewed Randy Moss after one of his youth football camps to ask him about his current contract with ESPN (he doesn’t have one), Laremy Tunsil, and the catch rule.

– Eagles WR Nelson Agholor will not face charges for supposedly sexually assaulting a dancer at a gentlemen’s club.

– In the same breadth, Jags LB Dan Skuta will not face charges after a woman tried to wrangle money out of him by accusing him of assault when it was clear to the court and his lawyer that he was the victim, not the aggressor.

– Tim Tebow informed all of his peeps through media that his possible “appearance” at the Republican National Convention is just a rumor. He will focus on his charity work first and foremost.

– The Colts will build Peyton Manning a statue outside of Lucas Oil Stadium next year.

– Lamarr Woodley, who played for the Cardinals last year, says he isn’t worried about the lack of interest from NFL teams because it’s something he can’t control. He also elaborated his ability to set the edge was good last year but, he can’t stay on the field. He may have not gotten a call back from the Cardianls after this dumb comment about calling his DC dumb.

– Aaron Rodgers says he hopes to stay in one place for his whole career like Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant did.

– The Redskins and Kirk Cousins are far apart on a deal and he will likely play under the franchise tag for the upcoming season.


– Mike Florio states Justin Tucker should take a year-to-year approach with his contract considering the injury risk is smaller for kickers.

– Writers at ESPN predict the division winner for all 8 divisions. Three writers pick the Broncos while the Chargers reporter picks the Chiefs to win it this year.

– Adrian Peterson tells Vikings reporters that when he looks in Teddy Bridgewater’s eyes, he sees greatness. AP is also taking boxing and MMA to improve his football skills.

– Adam Steele guest writes for Chase Staurt and analyzes the “True Talent” a QB has year to year. Peyton Manning makes the  list a lot.

– Kevin Seifert provides nine ways that the NFL could improve by 2018.

– Gordon McGuiness breaks down why he thinks Anquan Boldin would be perfect for the Saints as a slot guy. He also comments on why Demaryius Thomas should have a better year.


– For those guys that don’t think Demaryius Thomas has been worth his contract, Thomas told Andrew Mason that drops and keeping a clear head throughout the season were two factors in a drop in production. He then said, “I’ll come out this year and for sure have a better year.”

– Mike Florio argues that Von Miller should sit out the season if he knows with some certainty that a team would give up a first and a third for him next year while also handing him more than $128 million.

– According to sources close to the Broncos, they have told Mike Klis that the Broncos have put their final offer on the table ($70 million in guarantees) and he is expected to accept the offer before the 4 p.m ET deadline. Mike Florio is still banging his “he may sit out” door which I don’t believe is feasible. Why would turn down a defensive record-breaking contract in all three areas: total value, APY, and guarantees?

– John Breech from CBS Sports breaks down the situation as well.

– Troy Renck confirms that the deal does have $70 million in guarantees.

– Mark Kiszla believes that Von Miller “won” this battle and John Elway has finally learned to compromise. The more I read stuff about him, the more condescending he comes across as. Could be just me though.

Here are Von Miller’s chickens that he is trying to get clauses for so they can be rolling in the bling.

– Former Bronco CB Dominique Foxworth argues that the franchise tag hurts elite talent because it keeps them from getting paid what they are worth. Good read.


– Denard Robinson has been officially cited for careless driving after he drove his car into a nearby pond a couple of weeks ago.


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