It’s All Orange, Fat Man: 07/14/16


– As Bob Morris has pointed out in the past, Eric Berry still hasn’t signed his franchise tag with the Chiefs with the hopes that he would sign a long-term deal with the Chiefs. However, that deal isn’t likely to come to fruition leaving many to believe whether this is Berry’s last as a Chief.

– QB Aaron Rodgers tells media that he value$ loyalty and want$ to retire a$ a Green Bay Packer. That i$ until the dolla dolla bill$ $top coming in from their front office. In other news, his brother, Jordan, who is one of the contestants on the Bachelorette, says he doesn’t have that much of a relationship with Aaron.

– Aaron Rodgers also commented that the biggest obstacle to player safety are the players themselves.

– The Cowboys signed their currently injured DT Maliek Collins, who they took from the third round of this year’s draft. He suffered a broken foot in OTAs and could miss the first 10-12 weeks of the season.

– According to WR Dwayne Harris, the offense of the New York Giants has put more of a focus on throwing the football down the field.

– DT Marcel Dareus is bummed that Tom Brady will not be playing against the Bills in Week 4. He commented further that it wouldn’t really feel like they won unless Tom Brady is in the game. If you were to ask Calais Campbell though, he can’t wait to play Jimmy Garoppolo.

– In other Tom Brady news, as posted by Nick yesterday, his appeal of the four-game suspension has been rejected and it will stand unless the Supreme Court gets involved. Which they won’t. Here is a quick rundown of the Deflategate scandal by the Associated Press in case you missed it.

– Tom Brady’s backup, Jimmy Garappolo, has apparently taken control over the offense fast and is looking forward to getting his chance for the first four games. He was probably cheering when he heard Tom Brady’s suspension was rejected.

– A report has indicated that the NFL will not pursue disciplinary action against LeSean McCoy for allegedly being part of an assault on two off-duty police officers.


– Michael David Smith notes that the NFL Pro Bowl isn’t the only All-Star game that is struggling to hold a captive audience.

– Carl Yedor of Football Outsiders analyzes defenses by pressures last year and finds the Broncos were the 2nd best defense in pressure situations and #1 in non-pressure defenses while the San Diego Chargers made the most improvement when pressuring the QB.

– Chase Stuart breaks down the best postseason games by WRs. Demaryius Thomas’ game against the Steelers (Tebow to Thomas) ranked #14 on the list of all time.

– As Gmik – Broncologist posted yesterday, the Broncos have the #1 secondary according to PFF who also said they have the best defensive core.

– Mike Florio makes the observation that the contracts this year are easy to calculate but, hard to negotiate.

– All 32 ESPN writers for the NFL vote on the likely MVPs in each division.

– Kevin Seifert says its time for Tom Brady to take his medicine and accept his suspension like a man.

– Bill Barnwell comments that the Patriots are primed to deal with the ramifications of Tom Brady’s suspension.

– Nathan Jahnke previews the New York Giants season and his buddy Sam Monson previews the Dallas Cowboys.

– Gordon McGuiness asks if LeSean McCoy or Karlos Williams should get more snaps in Buffalo.


– Former Bronco, Tim Tebow, will take time out of his busy schedule to speak at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Timmy has hinted at a future in politics in the past, this may be him sticking his toes into the water.

– A man in Ohio was charged with defrauding four NFL players in a wire fraud one of which included Bronco WR Jordan Norwood.

– Troy Renck notes the clock is ticking for the Broncos to get Miller extended on a long-term deal.

– Peyton Manning spoofed an ad from Gatorade with “Letters From Peyton”.

– Mark Kiszla plays the role of Dr. Doom and argues that if the Broncos pay Von Miller it could be the end of the Broncos as we know it.

– Mike Shanahan’s home in Cherry Hills is selling for $22 million. In case you are from out of state, that’s the neighborhood in Denver where all of the people laugh like this.


– DT Domato Peko of the Cincinnati Bengals has some very nice things to say about the Pittsburgh Steelers.

– Mike Tomlin rides through his hometown in eastern Virginia and talks about how he grew up as a kid.


“Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises.” – Demosthenes

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