It’s All Orange, Fat Man: 07/13/16


– After apologizing for drawing a graphic picture of a police officer getting his throat slashed, Isaiah Crowell will now donate his first game check to a police charity per instructions by the Cleveland Browns. If that isn’t enough, they may have to hire a security group outside of the city.

– Two teams in the NFC have been selected to play in China in 2018.

– Texas A&M DE Myles Garrett commented that he has heard of players sitting out a year to protect their draft stock but, he is against that idea because it would hurt his team.

– The Browns have lost DE Desmond Bryant for the season due to a torn pectoral muscle.

– The LA Rams have sold 70,000 season tickets for their inaugural season in the great but, dirty and crowded city of Los Angeles.

– When asked about the Tom Brady suspension and how it will affect his team, Rob Ninkovich told media that he can only control how he plays and the team will just have to step up for the time being.

– The Packers have added RB Brandon Ross.

– Jim Kelly hopes Rex Ryan is the Bills coach for 20 years and wants Tom Brady to retire.

– James Harrison told the NFL in an affidavit that he has never violated the PED policies set forth by the NFL.

– Chad Johnson will come help out with the Browns for Hue Jackson as a quasi-guest instructor. He later asked the Browns if he could work with the receivers. The Browns have not responded as of yet.

– Adrian Peterson and an associate opened up a gym recently, O Athletik, that helps athletes train in different disciplines without traveling everywhere around the city. It currently has over 1,000 members and growing.

– Although I do not have NFL Insider, I did see that current NE assistant Josh McDaniels could be in consideration for some NFL jobs next year per Mike Sando.


– Joe Messineo ranks the Monday Night Football matchups for the upcoming season on a scale from 1 to 4. He calls the Houston Texans vs Denver Broncos matchup must-see TV.

– Gordon McGuiness ranks the WR corps from best to worst. The Broncos are seventh-best on the list. Meanwhile, Mike Renner ranked the RB corps in the same fashion and found the Denver Broncos are middle-of-the-road.

– Sam Monson ponders if Tyrod Taylor ranks among the best of NFL QBs.

– Chase Stuart shares his thoughts on Thresholds Models of Collective Behavior and encourages his readers to study up on it. He will try to inject it into determining how aggressive teams are.

– Rob Rang ranks the best supplemental picks of all time. WR Cris Carter topped the list.

– Vinnie Iyer (Slideshow Alert), ranked the best GMs in football. John Elway was #1 in case you don’t want to scroll through those slides:

Few superstar players can transition into the management-first mindset Elway has shown as Denver’s executive vice president. He applied his experience well, first trying to win a Super Bowl with offense and then succeeding with defense. He also has turned into the necessary cold, hard-ball GM to keep a team at a championship level.


– Troy Renck states that the Bronco fans know where Von Miller is but, they do not know where he stands in contract negotiations.

Von Miller and Justin Timberlake were invited and showed up to to Peyton Manning’s retirement party in Beverly Hills.

– Derek Wolfe commented that he handled his contract situation a little differently than Von Miller did.


– According to an Emory study as posted by Nick yesterday, the Patriots have the best fans in the NFL.

– Brenda Jackson, the hospital secretary stationed in New York that got fired for leaking DE Jason Pierre-Paul’s medical records to the media, now has said that the firing caused by the hospital has “triggered nightmares” and “sudden and unexpected illness”. No, I’m not trying to rickroll you.

RB Robert Turbin has been charged with marijuana possession.


“One of the greatest diseases is to be nobody to anybody.” – Mother Teresa

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