It’s All Orange, Fat Man: 07/12/16


– RB Karlos Williams, who admitted earlier that his recently gained weight has a lot to do with his wife being pregnant, will do conditioning work on the sideline away from practice as instructed by his coaches.

– After Isiah Crowell drew, then posted, a photo on his instagram of a man slashing the throat of a police officer, the Cleveland Browns commented they found his drawing very disturbing and won’t think an apology will suffice.

– According to James Walker of ESPN, Tyrod Taylor is not worried about his contract situation but more focused on winning games for the Bills. It’s nice to see he has the wherewithal to know when to say the right thing, even though this is political speak for obvious reasons.

– Sean Payton believes his former RB Reggie Bush will find a team to play for this year.

– The Grand Jury did not find the homeowner who shot a naked Stanley Wilson II of any justifiable charges.

– Nevada tourism has found nine possible sites for the Raiders to build their future stadium, if they do move there.

– Ole Miss HC Hugh Freeze loves up his players like they are his sons and they respond back affectionately. No surprise there.

– Former RB Joseph Randle sweared to kill a police officer while in jail and as a result, was denied his phone call.

– Count Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in as another guy who would have loved to play for Bruce Arians.

– The Giants will be wearing their white pants at home instead of the gray pants they wore last season.


– Kevin Seifert ranks the NFL’s best baseball players. Guess who the GM is?

– Former TE Ben Watson wrote an article for The Undefeated on how the country can move past biases to solve racial issues.

– All 32 team writers for ESPN predict the rising star in each of their divisions.

– As Bradley posted yesterday, Ben Stockwell ranked the best front-sevens in the NFL and the Broncos unsurprisingly ranked #1.

– Nathan Jahnke ranked the best OL groups in the NFL. The Broncos ranked #28 on the list.

– Neil Hornsby breaks down how Adrian Peterson’s contract could affect LeVeon Bell’s deal and discusses the Packers particular TE situation.

– Chase Stuart introduces his formula for statistically analyzing the best games played in the postseason by wide receivers.

– Carl Yedor analyzed and ranked QBs performance when dealing with pressure last year. #1 may come as a surprise to you.


– Troy Renck believes the money that the Broncos are offering to Von Miller are indicative of how bad they want them there. If you were wondering who was winning the PR battle, look at the comments section.

– Joel Corry, former agent, breaks down what he thinks Von Miller’s contract will look like.

– While his contract talks are on hold, Emmanuel Sanders works on bulking up a little bit (10 lbs) for the season.

– Von Miller reiterated that he will not be signing the franchise tag. Miller seems to be taking a moral stance on the issue commenting that it’s a league-wide problem. “I’ve never really played for money,” Miller said. “It’s bigger than that for me. It’s a league-wide problem that I feel like I’m in a situation to help out with.”


– The Browns eliminated guarantees they otherwise needed to pay Johnny Manziel and they were able to do it legally.

– Jets DT Damon Harrison held off his honeymoon to join the Jets for training camp after recently signing his five-year $46.5 million deal. Meanwhile in Baltimore, C Jeremy Zuttah chose to move his date to get married at City Hall after they notified him that his dog won’t be able to attend. His awesome wife went on board with it.

– As Nick posted yesterday, Miko Grimes, the outspoken and possibly Anti-Semitic wife of Brent Grimes, made some very questionable comments about the Miami Dolphins front office.

– The University of Florida police department poked fun at former FSU QB Jameis Winston and his school earlier this week. They responded to a photo of a crab being served crab, which could be in reference to Jameis Winston’s recent shoplifting of crab legs, with a retort that it could be in the FSU locker room.

– CB Jalen Ramsey needs to get some solid advice from a nutritionist.


“People are illogical, unreasonable, and self-centered. Love them anyway.” – Kent M. Keith

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