It’s All Orange, Fat Man: 07/09/16


– Titans RB coach, Sylvester Croom, called new addition, Demarco Murray, a coach’s dream. Considering Demarco Murray also seems happy with the situation, it wouldn’t surprise me if Demarco Murray had a great year running the ball.

– Some of you may know Brock Lesnar, former UFC Heavyweight Champion, but I bet you didn’t know him as a DL for the Vikings. The NFL posted some of his highlights which you can see here.

– The Bengals Director of Player Personnel, Duke Tobin, has apparently been sought out from two teams trying to give him control of their roster but, Duke Tobin has decided to stay with the Bengals.

– T.Y Hilton commented that it is a big deal to get Andrew Luck’s deal out of the way.

– Eli Manning says his backup, Ryan Nassib, is a starting-quality player.


– Joel Corry, former agent, predicts “Deal or No Deal” for seven franchise players in the NFL including Von Miller. He predicts Von Miller and the Broncos will reach a deal sometime soon.

– NFC writers debate whether they would trade their team’s QB straight up for Eli Manning.

– NFC South writers discuss whether Jameis Winston will be the next “star” QB in the league.

– Sterling Xie analyzed the defensive efficiency vs the play-action and unsurprisingly, the Broncos ranked first.

– Chase Stuart analyzes Thomas Rawls’ great rookie season for the Seahawks and compares it to historical contexts.

– Sean Wagner-McGough says that even though the NFL altered the catch rule to make it more clear, it still isn’t clear enough.

– Bryan Vesnaver asks if Demarco Murray can resurrect his career with the Titans. He also wonders if any team means more to his team than Patrick Peterson.

– John Breitenbach ranks his eight most consistent performers in the NFL thus far. Demarcus Ware makes this list at #6 behind Drew Brees and ahead of Richard Sherman.


– The Broncos FO have sweetened the offer to Von Miller for the second time in 24 hours according to Mike Klis of 9News. They made this second offer after Joby Branion sent a counter proposal to them yesterday and giving the guaranteed part of his third year a little earlier. Fun fact: they have been exchanging deals through the ol’ speaker on a wire. Here is the article from the Denver Post on the situation.

– In case you missed it, Matt Claassen breaks down what he thinks Emmanuel Sanders’ worth is to Denver.

– The Broncos may sell the team shortly to a surprise bidder.


– Michael Irvin believes it is J.J Watt’s fault that the Houston Texans haven’t won a title (Uhh… What?). He also commented that Luke Kuechly is a better player.

A CFL receiver caught a TD and didn’t even know it.

– There’s a store selling Johnny Manziel jerseys for less than two bucks a pop.


“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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