It’s All Orange, Fat Man: 07/07/16


– When asked about who is the best corner in the NFL, Patrick Peterson predictably told the media that he has a lot of respect for all of the great CBs out there like Richard Sherman and Josh Norman but, he means much more to his team than both of those guys.

– Calvin Johnson was interviewed for an E:60 piece on him. He said that had the Lions been a contender, it would have been harder to leave the game like he did.

– Unlike Calvin Johnson, Andre Johnson is still working hard while looking for a team to give him a chance.

– In addition to Alabama HC Nick Saban, Urban Meyer also wants the NFL and NCAA come together to make an underclassmen combine.

– Some players reacted very strongly to the Alton Sterling shooting.

– LB Derrick Morgan recently took a pro-medical marijuana stance in an attempt to support a drug that aids players with pain after they play the game. He understands that there may be consequences for the stance he took but, is okay with it.

– WR Davone Bess admitted that he has bipolar disorder, and did not take his medication, which is why he had an outburst on the plane.

– CB Malcom Smith of the Raiders says he has never seen anyone like his teammate Khalil Mack before.


– Kevin Seifert ranks the NFL’s Top 10 feuds. Brent Osweiler vs John Elway ranked fifth slightly after Aqib Talib vs Steve Smith and Tom Brady vs Richard Sherman. Dan Graziano expands on the Josh Norman-Odell Beckham rivalry and claims that it is the most intense on in the NFL so far.

– Sam Monson had some issues with the NFL Top 100 rankings and thought they put Chris Harris way too far down the list.

– Gordon McGuinness says that the Jets should start Geno Smith if Ryan Fitzpatrick does not return to New York.

Daily Analytics from Bryan Frye.

– Nathan Jahnke breaks down the five worst LB contracts in the NFL.

– Gil Brandt recalls the greatest offensive players that he has ever seen in his 110 years of existence. He thinks that former NFL player Don Hutson was a better player than Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Jerry Rice. I’m not taking issue with it, I just found that interesting coming from a retired scout.

– AFC West writers discuss who they think the best rivalry in the division involves. All of them involve the Raiders, unsurprisingly.

– NFC North writers argue whether or not the Bears will miss Matt Forte and Martellus Bennett.

– Dan Graziano analyzes why NFL players will never make NBA money.


– According to Mike Klis of 9News, the Broncos and Emmanuel Sanders have put their contract talks on hold for now.

– Despite sucking at basketball, Von Miller does look good in a Golden State jersey.

– Denver Broncos players had some fun for the fourth of July. I like seeing these pictures because you get to see the person behind the player.


– The DA found the shooting of ex-NFL player, Stanley Wilson II, justified after he tried to rob someone’s home naked.

– Former NFL WR for the Chiefs, Jeff Webb, is accused of faking automobile accidents and injuries to collect insurance money. He is reported to be involved with 8 other participants.

CB Brandon Browner is being investigated for an alleged assault.

– Louis Murphy found himself locked in a museum after getting plastered at a friends wedding and had to call the police for help.

Russell Wilson and Ciara got married and it was announced via Instagram post.


“Even if you are on the right track, you will still get run over if you just sit there.” – Will Rogers

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