It’s All Orange, Fat Man: 06/30/16


Andrew Luck re-signed with the Colts on a five-year, $122.97 million extension (or consider it a six-year deal worth $140 million) with $47 million fully guaranteed and a little over $87 million in injury guarantees making it a record-breaking contract worth $24.5 million per year.

– Rex Ryan remembers his father, who passed away, Buddy Ryan and told Jenny Vrentas that this season means a lot to him and his brother.

– The Donald planned to have Mike Ditka speak next to Bobby Knight and Mike Tyson at the Republican Convention but, Mike Ditka told them that is something he doesn’t want to do.

– Eagles GM Howie Roseman told radio hosts on 94 WIP that they made mistakes last year in signing players who weren’t their own.

– Packer president Mark Murphy argues that if the league expands to a 17 game season where 8 are played at home, 8 are played away, and 1 game is played internationally, the NFL would be able to expand it’s influence without making teams give up that eighth home game. George Atallah, a NFLPA executive, had an interesting tweet back.

DL Cory Redding announced his retirement yesterday.

The Judge tossed away claims from Tony Romo that the NFL was interfering with his fantasy football event and it has been noted that another judge also tossed away claims from Romo who wasn’t able to hold an event in Las Vegas because the league did not want any ties to gambling.


– Guest writer for FO, Kevin Kolbe (no, not that one), compared QB performance to their salary from last year in lieu of Andrew Luck’s mega-deal. Peyton Manning ranked last, unsurprisingly.

– Sheil Kapadia argues that Russell Wilson is a better QB than Andrew Luck.

– Tania Ganguli tells the story of the education of one QB Brock Osweiler. Good read.

– Sam Monson asks in his Daily Focus article if there is a true “shutdown corner” that exists in today’s NFL.

– Mike Renner breaks down why he thinks the Patriots have the best short-passing game in the NFL. He also wonders if Andrew Luck will be a top-5 QB this upcoming season.

– Nathan Jahnke breaks down the five worst team-friendly TE contracts in the NFL.

– Chase Stuart continues his ode to Buddy Ryan and ranks the second part of defenses based off of aggressiveness.

– Even after Andrew Luck got a mega-deal of record-breaking worth, Dan Graziano says that the contract is a letdown and he should have held out for more.

– AFC West writers rank the QBs in the division.


– When Wade Phillips was asked about whether he is concerned about Von Miller not playing this season, Phillips commented that “I coach who is there, obviously. I don’t have any control over all of the other things and I really don’t know much about it. And they told me not to say anything about it anyway, so that’s my spiel.”

– Albeit, Peyton Manning does not have to cooperate in the PED investigation, but he will probably do so anyway even though the NFLPA has told it’s players that it does not have to participate in the investigation without credible evidence.

– Von Miller ranked #15 in the NFL’s Top 100. He will also appear on Celebrity Family Feud on July 3rd.


– N Vince Wilfork is member in the body issue and he doesn’t care what you think. #bigguysareattractivetoo

– Johnny Manziel has pledged to go sober on July 1st according to a source. And apparently it’s sincere.


“95% of the things you worry about don’t happen.” – Anonymous

“Treat humanity to it’s ends, not it’s means.” – Immanuel Kant

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