It’s All Orange, Fat Man: 06/29/16


– Cardinals President, Michael Bidwell, believes that the digital distribution of sports games is the future.

– The plain language of the NFL PED policies are currently preventing the NFL from interviewing or investigating players. The NFLPA declares that the NFL must have “credible evidence” before the players should have to respond to PED charges.

– Jim Kelly says he still feels awesome even though he is battling cancer yet again. And he is apparently he is at his playing weight as well.

– The Seahawks sign WR Doug Baldwin to a four-year extension worth around $11.5 million.

– Former Colts RB Zurlon Tipton died yesterday after accidentally shooting himself in the stomach. RIP. He removed a duffel bag from his trunk that had two guns in it and one of them went off when he set it down.

– QB Eli Manning thinks his offense can score over 28 points a game.

– Former first-rounder WR Troy Williamson reflects on his career that didn’t pan out like he wanted and tells a reporter that he had all the tools but wasn’t mentally there to play the game. He also tells him that he is very glad not to be under Brad Childress who withheld a game check from him after he took a game off to go to a funeral for his grandmother. Williamson, once he received the check from Childress, gave the check to charity to show it really wasn’t about the money.

Mike Singletary will work with the Rams defense this season.

– After EA used Jim Brown’s likeness as a character in a video game without expressed permission from Brown, they decided to give Brown $600,000 to dismiss the lawsuit vs EA.


– In the final part of his three-part series on why the NFL offseason is broken, Matt Bowen shows how NFL veterans are affected by a condensed offseason.

– John Breitenbach breaks down the five best team-friendly contracts for RBs in the NFL. Then he breaks down the five worst contracts at the same position and finds two of the New Orleans Saints backfield qualify. Ouch.

– Sam Monson discusses the five best slot weapons, both offense and defense, in the NFL. Chris Harris Jr. ranks #3 behind Tyrann Matthieu and Rob Gronkowski.

– Jeff Legwold says the recently deceased Buddy Ryan has an improbable road to the HOF because he was an assistant coach. Yay HOF voters.

– NFC South writers debate whether the Carolina Panthers will make it four-in-a-row to win the division.

– AFC South writers debate whether there will be some growing pains for former Broncos QB Brent Osweilier.

– NFC West writers discuss how much QB Carson Palmer has left in the tank.

– Chase Stuart develops the Ryan Index after the passing of Buddy Ryan which measures defenses based on their aggressiveness.


– AFC West writers debate who will be the division’s most feared player since Peyton Manning retired. Arguments were made for Von Miller, Khalil Mack, and Philip Rivers?

– The naming rights to the Mile High Stadium may be going to be up for sale very soon.

– Peyton Manning reacted to Pat Summitt’s death and says he was very glad to call her a friend.


– Johnny Manziel continues to spiral downward as he posted a photo on instagram of him in Cabo wearing a Josh Gordon jersey and taunted his dad via hashtag.

– RB Darren McFadden injured his elbow from slipping on wet cement after dropping his cellphone. You damn kids getting into trouble with all your goddamn technology!


“A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.” – David Brinkley

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