It’s All Orange, Fat Man: 06/28/16


– According to Nicki Jhabvala, CBD research has spurred productive dialogue with the NFLPA and it’s implementation to help players deal with pain.

– Legendary founder of the “Bear” front and a great coach Buddy Ryan dies at the age of 82. RIP.

– The NFL is pressuring players to come forward in the now-recanted Al Jazeera PED investigation, says the NFLPA. They are also publicly questioning the NFL about their authority and whether or not they can really investigate for PEDs.

– The NFL will donate $10 million to sexual assault prevention groups over the next five years in order to increase PR.

– After the ugly family dispute, Rita Benson LeBlanc says she will still own part of the Saints after her grandfather, Tom Benson, passes away, or mysteriously gets poisoned from eating the wrong cookie. Whichever comes first.

– Russell Wilson is working with a mental conditioning coach to improve his on-field awareness for next season.


– In the second part of his three-part season on why the NFL offseason is broken, Matt Bowen discusses how inexperienced QBs don’t benefit form the offseason structure. Good read.

– AFC West writers ask if the Chargers are primed to compete for the division title again after a horrible season last year.

– NFC South writers answer if Julio Jones will be the first receiver to crack 2,000 receiving yards. NFC North writers ask if Adrian Peterson will lead the league in rushing at the age of 31.

– Jeremy Fowler says to not be surprised if the Steelers are the most aggressive offensive team when it comes to the two-point conversion.

– Brad Oremland continues his series on the best WRs by decade and it continues on into the 2000s. Torry Holt and Calvin Johnson take the crown.

– Sam Monson wonders if Chase Daniel or Carson Wentz should be the Eagles #2 QB.

– Eric Eager breaks down the five best WR contracts for teams and Emmanuel’s one year remaining for a little over $6 million ranks at #5.


Alan Roach, the Broncos PA announcer, has left for the Vikings. Oh no, how will the Broncos be able to recoup that loss?

– Wade Phillips was named PFWA’s Dr. Z award winner for career achievement as a coach.


– The attorney who sent the errant text about Johnny Manziel seeking a plea deal, is now off the case.

Preach! (Funny)

“Stupidity is a personal achievement which transcends national boundaries.” – Albert Einstein

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