It’s All Orange, Fat Man: 06/27/16


– LB James Harrison says the only way he would give a PED interview is if Roger Goodell comes to his house.

– WR Mike Wallace believes he is a better receiver, albeit not a faster one, than his days with the Steelers.

– According to Jimmy Kempski, the Eagles plan to go with Sam Bradford as the #1, Chase Daniel as the #2, and make draftee Carson Wentz inactive on Sundays.

– Marvin Lewis told his best friend and DC Dick Koetter that the one thing offenses do not do enough is throw deep.

Rehab has not progressed as fast as Sammy Watkins would like and he could miss the rest of camp.

– Dan Quinn will use a foolproof method for gauging whether to go for it on 4th Down: his gut.

– QB Tony Romo appeared back in his hometown of Burlington, Wisconsin to host a football camp, and he had a good time doing it.

– Things I cannot find the link for: WR Tyler Lockett is going to become a larger part of the Seahawks’ offense or “in the middle of it”.


– In the first part of his three-part series, Matt Bowen, a former NFL safety for the Redskins, looks at why he thinks the NFL offseason is broken.

РOddly enough, even though we have the social media informing us of every player that has been arrested, there have been fewer arrests of NFL players the past four years. However, former players in the NFL have a harder time staying out of trouble.

– Count Calvin Johnson along with his former teammate Matthew Stafford in as guys who believe the Lions will be tougher to defend post-Calvin Johnson. He is also enjoying his retirement.

– NFC North writers debate whether Lamarr Houston’s comment that Aaron Rodgers is a little too arrogant are valid.

– AFC North writers argue whether the Browns are revolutionizing the NFL with their analytics department.

– AFC East writers answer the age old question of how much success does Bill Belichick is attributed to Tom Brady.


– AFC West writers answer whether they would rather have Khalil Mack’s future or Von Miller’s present.

– Emmanuel Sanders says his nutrition is vital to staying on the field (duh) and the Broncos are currently working on extending him after this year.

– Peyton Manning will root for six NFL teams this season as every one of them have connections with him as a coach or a player.


– CB Stanley Wilson, who got shot intruding someone’s home naked, apparently targeted three homes, one of which he was clothed, and another in which he was naked.

– Jim Irsay bought Prince’s “Yellow Cloud” guitar for a grand total of $137,000.


“Once you find out what your vision and your plan is, initiative will come easier.” – Anonymous coach

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