It’s All Orange, Fat Man: 06/22/16


– ST Coordinator for the Panthers, Bruce DeHaven, says the only thing that needs to be changed about kickoffs is the perception that it’s the most dangerous play in the NFL. I agree with him.

– RB Adrian Peterson says the one thing that will cause him to walk away will be the grind of offseason work.

– First-year GM, Bob Quinn, of the Detroit Lions, said the easiest and best decision he made when getting thrust into the GM position was keeping HC Jim Caldwell. He also mentioned that there is currently a four-way battle for starting safety at their camp.

– Mike McCarthy says that the game is not about the design of concepts but rather the formations you can run them out of. He’s telling something that coaches already know around the NFL. Plays are not designed anymore, you just put your best players in the right position to execute them. Every play is stolen because every play that could be run has been run.

– Mike Florio states offset language is still present in contracts of the Top-10 picks and the battle between Joey Bosa and the Chargers is not going to be resolved until Bosa gets all of his offset language removed.

– There are four first-rounders that remain unsigned.

– The Bills are in “fact-finding mode” regarding the possibility of building a new stadium. Right now, they are evaluating the demographics and geography of where they are at to get a better idea on whether to keep renovating Ralph Wilson Stadium, or to scratch the project and build another stadium, which I won’t be surprised if it is a dome.

– There’s a football that has a beeper in it so that if players don’t have the ball high and tight, they won’t be able to hear a beep. But, if they do have it high and tight, they will be able to hear it.

– The Vikings got unanimous approval by the city of Minnesota to build a new practice facility.

– QB Bernie Kosar was invited to ride on the Cavs victory parade.

– QB Matthew Stafford said it’s going to be harder for defenses to play them now in a certain way because the guy that they keyed on in the past, Calvin Johnson, isn’t there.

RB Arian Foster is ready for camp.


– Bill Barnwell ranked the best defensive and offensive triplets in the NFL, meaning that if you could take the team’s three best players and define the defense based on those three’s performance, then you have their “Big 3”. The Broncos ranked 19th on offense (Mark Sanchez, Demaryius Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders), but 2nd on defense (Von Miller, Demarcus Ware, Chris Harris Jr.).

– Gordon McGuiness analyzes whether the Bears should resign WR Alshon Jeffrey to a long-term deal. And then addresses Matthew Stafford’s comments about how the Lions will be tougher to defend in a certain way because Calvin is no longer here. He also ranks his Top 10 defenders in the NFC.

–  John Kosko ranks the Top 10 offensive players in the AFC.

– NFC North writers answer whether Jay Cutler will regress because Adam Gase has left. I’m 95% certain that’s a “Yes.”

– NFC West writers lend their thoughts on how Bruce Arians changed the perception of the Cardinals.

NFC East writers address the Romo to Bryant Connection in Dallas and conclude that it may be more scary than their OL.

– Chase Stuart breaks down Career Receiving Yards Leaders and their true production.


– Mike Florio says that the departure of the three Bowlen children from the Broncos will invite a potential sale of the team.

– AFC West writers answer whether the Broncos streak of division titles will be broken this year. Raiders reporter think the Raiders will supplant the Broncos in the division. Chargers reporter says the Chiefs will win it.

– Troy Renck answers questions including ones about how much the Broncos will have to guarantee Von Miller.

– A no-good-dirty-rotten-money-stealer appealed to the Christian faith of Sanchez and some other athletes to take away their money.


– Ex WR Devone Bess faces felony charges after he got into a standoff with police.


“All you need in life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is true.” – Mark Twain.

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