It’s All Orange, Fat Man: 06/21/16


– After reports surfaced that Trent Dilfer was leaving ESPN, he signed a multi-year extension and will take on an expanded role starting this fall.

– Jim Brown, who is getting a statue, says Lebron James should have one too because he means so much to the city of Cleveland.

– Dean Blandino, former referee and current NFL Vice President of Officiating, recently discussed the kickoff changes with all 32 ST coordinators via conference call to get their input on the situation.

– The Al Jazeera report indicting Peyton Manning, Clay Matthews, Julius Peppers and others has caused a ripple but, the NFL and NFLPA both have not investigated the matter.

– The Chiefs are looking to expand the broadcast network to St. Louis as their team darted to Los Angeles.

CB Leon Hall is looking to sign with another team shortly.

– DE Greg Hardy, currently unemployed, is now trying to clean up his image on Twitter so a team will pick him up. Instead of having pictures of him menacing QBs, he now has pictures of him smiling over schoolchildren. No kidding.

– The owner of the infamous Cleveland QB jersey that lists all of the QBs to play for the Browns since Tim Couch has been retired on account of the Cavs championship.

– The Colts will honor their former GM Bill Polian in their Ring of Honor during their home game vs the Jags.


– ESPN writers pick the future coaches on all 32 rosters.

– AFC West writers answer whether they think RB Melvin Gordon can rush for over 1,000 yards this year.

– NFC South writers answer whether they think Matt Ryan will ever reach elite status.

– Here are 53-man roster projections for every team.

– Writers for the AFC South give their thoughts on what they expect out of QB Marcus Mariota this season.

– Vince Verhei analyzes QBs interception totals when taking all of the tipped balls and end of half Hail Marys, also known as Adjusted INTs.

– Brad Oremland continues his series on the best WRs by decade this time going into the 1990s. Rod Smith made the list as the most accomplished post-season player and recived some very high praise from Oremland.

– Gordon McGuiness ranks his best 10 offensive players in the NFC.

– John Breitenbach says the Redskins have a shot to repeat and will probably take the crown again.

– Neil Hornsby says that Eli Manning’s performance is dipping because of his issues vs pressure packages.

– Josh Liskiewitz argues that Drew Brees is still an elite QB.


– Even though he is retired, Peyton Manning says he has been busier than ever before:

“I feel like I’ve been a little busier maybe than I ever have been, I no longer can say, `Hey, I can’t do that. I have practice that day.’ People know I’m available now, so I’m paying up on some 18-year commitments. But I really wanted to protect my fall to do some things I haven’t been able to do in 22 years.”

“People have asked me during OTAs did I have withdrawals or what not, I just have not felt that way. Of course, the fall they say is a whole different deal and I can’t tell you until we get there, but I really feel. . . . All I will say is I did not get shorted in any way. I got a full plate of football and saw it from lots of different angles. I’m very much at peace with it. I’m actually kind of looking forward to this fall and having a little free time.”

– The Denver Post also noted that he didn’t have any regrets about his decision to retire in March.

– QB Trevor Siemien is in the conversation as a starting QB and that is good enough for him.


– Eagles LS Jon Dorenbos will try to impress the judges on America’s Got Talent with his other talent: Magic.

– The Colts have ordered all of their rookies to attend an etiquette course.


“Choices, not circumstances, determine your success.” – Anonymous

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