It’s All Orange, Fat Man: 06/18/16


– Rob Ryan wants to restore the tradition and honor behind the Ryan family name and win the sixth Super Bowl in their decorated history. On a separate note, there are only two things that are different in coaching the NFL, and coaching for a school: Paychecks and egos.

– The Packers sign DT Kenny Clark.

– Tom Benson settled his Saints/Pelicans ownership dispute between his heirs, Renee, Rita, and Ryan Benson. Family likely received money but, that is it. Trust will now be left in full to his wife, Gayle Benson, who was the only family member who did not sue Tom for ownership.

– Bruce Arians opened up about his firing with the Steelers and said they were trying to hide it under retirement. He also mentioned that Mike Tomlin could not find any money for him and he couldn’t get him a contract. Arians called him out on his bullshit and the rest is history.

– Mike Lombardi, former analyst and Browns GM, has now left as an assistant to the coaching staff of the New England Patriots.

The NFL says they are not involved with the ban of satellite camps in the NCAA. I know for a fact that satellite camps are banned only at the Division I level which means coaches cannot work camps outside 50 miles of their campus. But, FCS, DII, DIII, and NAIA coaches can work wherever they want. Which is great for the program I am at because we can get some higher profile athletes in our camp.

– Giants add QB Logan Thomas.

– Ravens CB Jimmy Smith says he’ll be cleared for camp sometime soon.


– Michael David Smith just wants a coach to have some goddamn guts to go for two. HC Dirk Koetter agrees and says it mathematically does make sense.

– Gordon McGuiness states the Panthers’ deal with T Michael Oher will ensure some consistency along the front line.

– Nathan Jahnke says that DT Aaron Donald is on a JJ Watt-like career path.

– Cian Fahey breaks down film on QB Andy Dalton.

– Scott Kacsmar analyzes some of the receiving plus-minus numbers from the 2015 season.

– Chase Stuart ranks and finds the receivers who had the best YAC in NFL history.


– Mike Florio copied-and-pasted an article from somewhere else, but put his name on it, that argues what we already know: The amount of money and structure has already been set but, the details need to be hammered out including guaranteed money.

– Nicki Jhabvala writes the second-parter to her first full length feature article about what players have to turn to in order to deal with pain. She notes that former Bronco TE Jeb Putzier, has to turn to an array of therapies to quell his pain sustained from playing the game of football.

– Renck says that the Broncos and Von Miller need a solution for this game of chicken that they are playing.

– Here is Pat Bowlen’s Super Bowl Ring.


“Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters.” – Anonymous

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