It’s All Orange, Fat Man: 06/13/16



– Jerry Jones admits he has give LB Rolando McClain some slack for his on field play and Jason Garrett is weary of his absence. Brandon George elaborates that McClain has two sons from different women in Alabama and Jones wants him to see his sons before he has to come back to work.

– AIG, the corporate insurance sponsor for the NFL, will not insure for head injuries caused by helmet to helmet contact.

– T Anthony Davis faces quite the financial conundrum when it comes to whether he should play football or not.

– QB Kirk Cousins says there has been no progress on a new deal.

– After being injured for a year, LB Nick Perry feels the pressure to produce early.

– Bills will meet with DL Leger Douzable.

– LB Manti Teo wants to fill the “leader” role for the Chargers after S Eric Weddle moved to the Ravens.

– WR Steve Smith does not know when he will be back from his injury.

– A short note on Orlando: I am lucky to have not been part of a tragedy like that one. I can’t imagine what those families are going through. We should take time to pray for those families and friends to remember the ones who passed on and pray for the health of those who are injured. Even if you aren’t religious, that includes me as well.

Some people are troubled… They feel slighted or wronged in some way and they feel as if though no one is listening. The only way albeit completely wrong, that they feel they can communicate, is to do something so horrific that they will become impossible to ignore. Even if the people they hurt have nothing to do with their cause. It’s unfair and unfortunate. Which is why we can’t focus on those people. We must allow others to remember their lost ones, because that is the tragedy here.

And all of us can place blame on gun laws and mental illness or whatever. But, it doesnt change the fact that so many lives were hurt. Which is why it sickens me when politicians on both sides of the coin make a political statement to garner support, and make the situation about themselves. Its not about you… oppurtunist assholes.

A final point: Yesterday’s events were tragic and we should, including myself in this, treat others with a little more love today than most.

Robert Klemko sums it up pretty well in my opinion. And then talks about QB Jameis Winston’s development.



– John Breech concludes that Bill Belichick represents the best and the worst of the Patriots.

– Ryan Wilson argues for five WRs who deserve a raise after Keenan Allen got his.

– Sam Monson over at PFF has decided to make another Top 101 except now, it evealuates who the best 101 players are right now instead of evaluating last year. Here is the first part.

– PFF Daily Focus analyzes the curious case of Brent Osweiler when he is pressured.

– Mike Rodak writes that if you expect to get any indication of Rex Ryan’s timeline with the Bills, the owner will not reveal much.


– Mike Florio argues that the only way the Broncos and Von Miller will get a deal done is to get in a room, lock the door, and not emerge from that door until a deal is done.

– Both Von Miller and Aqib Talib attended the Broncos Ring Ceremony despite all of the drama surrounding their lives.

– WR Max McCaffery wants to make a name for himself on the Raiders. Blech.

– Jeff Legwold notes that the Broncos Super Bowl hangover has continued on longer than expected.


“If the people we love are stolen from us, the way to have them live on is to never stop loving them.” – James O’Barr

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