It’s All Orange, Fat Man: 06/11/16


– WR Nelson Agholor’s lawyer is confident that the rape allegation made against his client will not hold up in a court of law. The rape allegation stemmed from a dispute of how much money Agholor was willing to give the stripper. Teammate LB Connor Barwin told the police that he left the strip club early and had no knowledge of anything Agholor did after.

– TE Eric Ebron told media yesterday that he likes how his OC Jim Bob Cooter isn’t afraid to go vertical. He also said that his generation has been babied all the way up the ladder and he loves how Cooter tells the players what’s real and what’s not.

WR Keenan Allen agrees to a contract extension with the Chargers that is reportedly worth more than $11 million in AAV and is over the course of four years.

– Patriots waived TE Michael Williams after he suffered a torn ACL in practice during a 7 on 7 drill.

– WR Wes Welker will serve as an assistant for the Ravens. On a seperate note, when players get student coaching internships after they are done in the NFL, I cringe a little bit because they can always hire a better guy from somewhere else. Why? Because it’s one thing to execute technique but it’s another to communicate it. In addition, 90% off “coaching” is done off the field which means the player has to be literate in doing office-based developmental work. Also known as data entry, getting copies, creating spreadsheets, participating in meetings, talking strategy, watching film, etc. Players, being the physically inclined and kinesthetic guys they are, naturally hate this kind of work and do not understand how much that work is present. And you have to be willing to work 120 hours/week. That’s why almost all of them burn out after the first year. The hours you work as a player are so much different than the hours you have to put in as a coach. So why hire that guy when there are plenty of coaches from college that are already literate in the assistant role and, here’s the kicker, will work for free in order to get it done? Give me one player who will sustain his lifestyle without making a dime. If you tell me Wes Welker, you are dead to rights wrong.

– The Bengals have signed CB William Jackson III.

– Jim Kelly thinks that Rex Ryan will be fired if his team doesn’t make the playoffs this year.

– WR Aaron Dobson is on the roster bubble for the Patriots.


– Zac Jackson notes that only five first-round picks are unsigned as of now.

– John Breitenbach believes the Titans are aiming to be rock-toters this upcoming season.

– Ryan Smith labels some of the Comeback Player of the Year candidates for 2016.

– Scott Barrett analyzes which RBs will be their team’s designated bell cows in 2016.

– Mike Renner argues the Cardinals own the best vertical-passing game.

– Cian Fahey broke down QB Aaron Rodgers on film a couple of days ago.


– Mike Florio may be reading in between the lines a bit too much when he states that Von Miller is using his instagram to communicate his displeasure with John Elway. However, why would Miller take the extra time to crop out John Elway out of a photo when Demarcus Ware already had it uncropped?

– A woman had a Broncos cellphone cover at Cam Newton’s fundraising event and he playfully asked her to remove the case. There’s video and everything.

– Jeff Legwold writes that Paxton Lynch wants to be the NFL player he aspires to become. In addition, Gary Kubiak told the media that Lynch has been up-and-down throughout OTAs and he can be very slow because he doesn’t know enough right now.

– Troy Renck says Von Miller deserves to be upset but, the process needs to play out before anyone can come to a conclusion.

– CJ Anderson says he’s ready to make the jump to an every-down back.

Silliness / Sufferin’ Succotash

– A HS student used Kirk Cousins “You like that?” as his inspirational quote in his yearbook. Kirk Cousins responded.

– WR Calvin Johnson posted a photo of his finger injury he sustained while playing football. Be forewarned, it’s not for the light-hearted.


“Authenticity is the courage to be yourself.” – Anonymous

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