It’s All Orange, Fat Man: 06/06/16


– The NFL shared their explanation on the new rules regarding using Microsoft tablets instead of printed sheets on the sideline.

– DE Robert Quinn is not ready to go “full tilt” as of yet as he had back surgery just recently.

– WR Bruce Miller has made his fourth position change from DE to FB to TE to WR.

– The top NFL doctors have set up a conference call date with marijuana advocates led by T Eugene Monroe to discuss the pros and cons of cannabinoids.

– Don Mulbach, LS for the Detroit Lions since 2004, understands that the Lions used a sixth-round selection on Jimmy Landes, another LS candidate this year, but wants to prove himself in camp.

– RB Jay Ajayi commented that he knows how great he can be if given the opportunity.

– The Bears are putting their faith on the line with T Charles Leno.

– QB Sam Bradford is doing really well in OTAs.

– Former Saints TE Henry Childs, died at age 65 yesterday. RIP.

– Former Seahawks FB Derrick Coleman faces 12-14 months behind bars.

–  As the demands of the job have increased, QB Kirk Cousins has sought advice from other QBs on how to balance work and life.

– After spending a decade in HC Mike McCarthy’s system, QB Aaron Rodgers has to update his knowledge on the playbook this year after some changes were made to terminology and personnel.


– Chase Howell lists five UDFAs that could make an impact this year.

– Matt Claassen notes that rookie RB Paul Perkins could seize the starting job by the first game of this season.

– Chase Stuart analyzes rookie WR targets over the recent years.

– Scott Kacsmar breaks down the defenses that forced the most failed completions and the least YAC. The Broncos were ranked #1, unsurprisingly.

– Mike DiRocco notes that even though the Jags can’t pay everyone, WR Allen Robinson should be the next on the list to sign.

– David Newton believes T Michael Oher should get a contract extension.


– CB Aqib Talib was shot in a Dallas nightclub yesterday but, is expected to make a full recovery soon. Since the bullet went right through him, it didn’t hit any arteries or any tissues leaving stitches as the most extreme treatment needed. He will most likely miss the White House trip in order to take care of his wound. He is definitely okay.

– Peyton Manning however, will be back with the Broncos momentarily to attend the White House trip.


– QB Johnny Manziel sued for damages that he made in a LA rental home.


“Jump, and you will find out how to unfold your wings as you fall.” – Ray Bradbury

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