It’s All Orange, Fat Man: 04/29/16 (Draft Day 2 Edition)

Draft News

– The Broncos foresaw teams like the Titans and Cowboys trying to jump back into the first round to get QB Paxton Lynch but, those teams were thwarted when the Broncos traded with the Seahawks at #26 in exchange for the first rounder and the third rounder to get the QB out of Memphis.

– John Elway announced the Broncos are out of the chase for QB Colin Kaepernick.

T Laremy Tunsil sure did have a strange draft night. His Twitter account by someone showed him smoking weed with a gas mask on and then promptly deleted. Then, his stepfather may have wanted vengeance for emabarrasment or something along those lines, the Raiders may have hacked into his Twitter to get him to drop to #14, who knows. And then, his agent released an odd statement which felt more like an excuse than anything else.

LB Myles Jack is still on the board for the taking and Jacksonville is only five picks away from selecting him one round later than they needed to. He most likely slid due to concerns about micro-fractures in his knee possibly built up as a chronic, on-setting injury.

RB Ezekiel Elliot goes #4 for the Cowboys and the Boys will most likely take a QB on Day 2 of the draft after they failed to get QB Paxton Lynch at the end of the first.

A detailed analysis on how all picks will fit in their new settings.

– And already the grading of the worst picks from the newly-ended draft have been released. Here are the best.

– Here are the best available prospects that didn’t get selected on Day 1.


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