It’s All Orange, Fat Man: 04/05/16


– The Raiders have thought long and hard about their decision and have decided to re-sign suspendee DE Aldon Smith. He won’t be eligible for re-instatement until November 2016 if at all.

– The Philadelphia District Attorney said that there is insufficient evidence to charge RB LeSean McCoy of assaulting off-duty police officers.

DL Jack Crawford resigns with the Dallas Cowboys.

G Ryan Seymour signs with the Giants.

– The Chargers add TE Jeff Cumberland via signing.

TE Matthew Mulligan signs with the Lions.

– DE JJ Watt wants to coach high school football after his playing days are over.


– Mike Florio brings up the idea QB Colin Kaepernick may be warming up to the idea of staying a 49er for one more year. Or not.

– Florio also addresses the communication issue the NFL is having on the current CTE issue and whether it is linked to football.

– Pat McManamon writes the Browns have a lot of needs they need to address as their offseason program begins.

– Ryan Smith goes over his Top 5 free agent bargains in free agency right now.

– Josh Liskiewitz breaks down five mid-round draft picks that can excel on special teams.

– Jeff Dooley argues that the Bears, 49ers, and Browns are the three best fits for QB Jared Goff.

Could-Be Bronco

– Chase Stuart analyzes QB Colin Kaepernick’s decline and notes that his efficiency has been sharply decreasing for the past three seasons.

– Matt Bowen, former NFL safety, reminds others to not belittle Colin Kaepernick for not taking a $4.9 million paycut to join the Broncos.

– Jeff Legwold reports the Broncos are going to wait the trade situation out with Colin and the 49ers.

– Colin Kaepernick attended the first day of workouts in order not to forfeit his $400,000 bonus with the team.


DE Greg Hardy may have continued to dig a deeper hole for himself by claiming he did not commit domestic violence. WR Steve Smith ain’t buying it.

– RGIII has put up his house in DC for sale at the $2.75 million mark.

– Tyrann Mathieu quotes inspirational quotes from himself.

– Johnny Manziel stooped to a new low by get this: hanging out with Justin Bieber *gasp*. When will his life ever get in control?!?!?!?!?!


In spirit of Tyrann Mathieu:

“If I sit at this stoplight any longer, I’m going to bleed to death.” – Dubs

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